FIFA World Cup - Fantasy Football


Mullcott always brings it at the world cup tho


Muller is the king of the World Cup, not a pretty player to watch but very effective


Precisely why I put him in there. If he was listed under forward instead of midfielder I wouldn’t haven’t bothered though.


Why? Isn’t he like 2 goals away from being the all time top scorer? Guy fucking loves scoring at the World Cup


Just realised i’ve rebelled. I’ve not included any English players and i’ve ignored the PL. Only player I have who plays in England is Saiss :tipping_hand_woman:


wouldnt touch any english player even with a stick. #HomeBeforeThePostcards


My players already bringing the points home :sunglasses:


Lel who


Mah boi Golovin with da assist


I put Golovin in my team originally and then took him out



two quality goals at the end there
edit: wrong world cup thread :sweat_smile:


Feel for all 3 people worldwide who put Saudi goalkeeper or defenders in their team :joy:


Good for the russians, but they are still going out.


@Bl1nk you set up the league yet mate?


Didnt realise you werent in it yet!


McGolovin :sunglasses:






People who have Ronado as captain can fuck off :joy:

Never even considered him ffs!


Not been the best start for me :arteta: