FIFA World Cup - Fantasy Football


atleast it dosent affect the point system. But yeah its defo a glitch worth fixing by the poor poor FIFA


Game In.


You can fix it on FPL but you can’t on this or the euro games. Only thing I have OCD about and it fucking kills me seeing it such a mess :tired_face:


Just pretend Wenger is managing your team.



My front 3 :drooling_face:


Aay I’m interested


That gk is gonna cost u dearly


Here is my 11


Added you


I’m in


I was gonna pick Özil but he’s injured? Why is everyone picking him? :joy:


Mesut is not gonna play against mexico. Better take a Eriksen, Kvist or Delaney.


Ooft some sexy teams there @GunnerGirl got no idea how you managed to get that front three paid for under the limit?


Thought the same. Looks expensive as fuck.


Anyone else struggling to form a strong bench?


Its nearly impossible. Evert team i have seen so far have farmers as subsitutes. Dunno if its worth having too good players on da bench.


Mainly because my bench is full of 4m crap and my keeper is only 4m :grinning:


I remember investing in defence was very rewarding, during Euro 2016. That dullfest with lots of goalless games.

Could be the same for this world cup.


What does the winner of this comp get? Mod for a year?