FIFA World Cup - Fantasy Football


I suck at ff, but count me in.


My team


Sterling :arteta:


Argh tempted with Iwobi. What’s his price?


You might think he’s shit but he’s a very good player


Do that man, Felipe Luis is going to get pins and needles in his ass :joy:







First time in my life I’m happy with a fantasy team. Plenty of great british lads.


very sexy looking team. no english players selected is a masterstroke.


new updated team


People avoiding Ronaldo like anthrax.


Feel he is a little grumpy these days. Too expensive too, considering he plays in a fairly average team.


European champions :cech:


Greece - European champions 2004…


Denmark European Champions. 1992.


Exactly !

Still regret to this day that my parents didnt bring me to life in time to experience those 92’ celebrations.




One thing that always bothers me with fantasy teams is when the system puts Kante at right mid and puts Carrasco at fucking centre mid, and it’s not possible to move it around manually.


You really are @Cristo 's minime aren’t you?

I love it :arteta: