FIFA World Cup - Fantasy Football


the image fuckd up. i got big Werner up top bangin them goals.



At least it’s not Muller.


hell no. i want ballers, not passion merchants.




I’ll jump in too!


I’m in, someone has to finish last.


lord bendtner FC


Ozil and Kante?


I might change this before it starts.


might change Kante. Cant leave Ozil out, unless he is seriously injured though.


Yeah, Kante isn’t going to get you any points

Neither are though Danish defenders :grin:


Our defence is actually pretty solid now, Haareide got it together in the second half of qualifiers


Crazy teams win points don’t @ me, come at me bro 1v1 rust fuck you


My front two are going to win me the cup

I’ll probably change it ten times


In geezer


Going all in on the Selecao hype train, think theyll be awesome this time round.

Can easily switch Neymar for Messi or Ronaldo though if need be and they’re doing a madness.




Seeing all your squads makes me wanna start over haha, ffs.


Clever formation. More attackers is more goals and assists. Thanks for the tips !