Fifa Changing Football Rules


I Don’t know if this is true or not, but if it is this will be quite cool and literally will change the game…especially the offside rule and also yellow card.


Read the ideas of his earlier and most of of them are honestly just bull shit with 1-2 decent ones that are also quite obvious and should have been done earlier (reducing the crowding of the ref and allowing additional subs in extra time).

Nothing really revolutionary and I’m surprised that he’d state some of them publicly.


If Fifa and Uefa want to apply these rules, I will start to follow the basketball.


why? These rules could help the game be better not worse especially the yellow…will stop all of these niggly fouls aimed at stopping the game if they know they risk being sent off for 10 minutes.


It’s a low scoring game… being a man down for 10 minutes is quite significant and especially so for something that is entirely dependent on the ref’s mood. If anything it will really just slow down the game to the point everyone’s taking as much time from the clock as possible. And no, stop clock isn’t the solution to this.


The shoot-out was used by the MLS to decide tied games and stopped using it in the 2000 season.

And ffs it’s 2 players behind the ball.

And the problem with fouls are the refs and the lack of consistence, what’s a foul in a game may not be one in another, what’s a yellow in the first half may not be one on the second half.


What they need in football is a replay function and a pannel to advise the ref, allowing him to assess things correctly.

Refs kill football. It’s a dead system thats proven not to work.


Marco van Basten is an idiot if he really thinks those ideas will improve the game.


Forza Maxi Gooner!!


It would be far too easy to score without offside.


No fuck replay. Football games in America literally last 4 1/2 hourse because of that bullshit. Who gives a fuck if the ref fucks up sometimes.


Pretty much everybody does.

What I’d like to see happen is that they focus on disincentivising cheating. How i’d do that is by having citing commissioners (like in rugby) at each game or even a citing panel who reviews the weeks games and can hand out retrospective bans. They absolutely have to stop hiding behind ‘the referee dealt with it in the game’…So what? Refs can get it wrong in the moment but if it’s going to be made right in the long run that’s better at least. They already do this by rescinding red cards anyway ffs so I can’t understand the issue.


A retrospective panel to be reviewed after games would be the one.

@Arsenal4thetreble reckon this would work? Someone go get a job at Fifa. :smile:


Getting rid of the offside rule is insane. Organisation and formation would fly out of the window and chaos would insue. Sometimes there can be nothing more satisfying than seeing a perfectly timed run combined with a beautifully weighted pass to break a defence, its what makes the game.


It’s not replay if you can have him advise the referee real time. I think anyone agrees that the system they have in NFL won’t work in football because of how the game is played but having someone who’s sitting off the pitch looking at a monitor and advising him when certain criteria are met can work. It would basically be the idea the dutch FA experimented with some time ago and I think still are.

And the problem with the retrospective panel/ban idea is that it doesn’t help the team on the pitch. If you’re going to use such a system at all it should be done when the game is played and not afterwards.


If they find a way to do it both during and after then I’m all for it but at a minimum it should certainly be getting done afterwards. Players will try to get away with the maximum they can get away with. If they start properly punishing players retrospectively then the players will change how the play.


Quite the opposite actually. I think teams would defend deep and be too afraid to push up because of the lack of an offside rule.

Would be a horrible idea.


Afterwards yea, but if the ref and a possible video ref get it wrong it should end there. You can then still keep retrospective banning for things that weren’t seen immediately.




9 times out of ten a replay could be reviewed and the ref given the info needed to make the correct decision in the time it takes currently for the fouling team to surround the Ref and dispute the decision or the fouled player to get in needed treatment or what ever and the few times it takes a bit longer will add a bit of excitement the same way it does in tennis or cricket or rugby while waiting for the correct decision to be made