Fifa Changing Football Rules


Because you can only put so many instances in a row before you eventually get to the decision you want. If a referee watching the game on the pitch and a referee (possibly two, I don’t know) sitting in a booth still somehow judge obvious enough situations differently (other situations wouldn’t be overturned anyway) you’d have to wonder if it’s not quite that clear cut in the end.

That being said you could always add an option that the assisting video referee can put that to the higher ups for reviewing purposes or because he straight up didn’t see it, but otherwise you have to cut that line at some point as the main business should stay on the pitch and not be done behind closed doors.


The decision we want is the right one. If it takes a ref, a video ref and a panel review to get to it then that’s what it takes. In fact i’d say if they are going to introduce video refs it’s pretty essential that someone is overseeing their work to make sure it’s consistent.


That’s mostly as usual an internal matter though and not an external.


Nah. That’s not just replays mate. It’s the dozens of commercials and the time-outs (which maybe can be cut down to 3 per game?) which are time consuming. Everytime I stream an NBA-game I’m suprised how often the channel switches to commercials. During the actual game. It’s bloody irritating.

I do want a new Ford F-150 now though.


Yea, but it shouldn’t be internal. Anyway we’re just back and forth on this at this stage. We just see it differently.


Without offside a player could hang all game near the goal and score.


Van Basten what are you smoking ?


I think Van Basten needs to start again.

Football without the offside rule? No thanks. Both teams would have an attacker near the goal, so then both teams would also place defenders on those attackers. You’d just have lots of long passes into the box and it’s become boring lazy football. Wouldn’t need a midfield, just attackers and defenders. Getting rid of that rule is a definite no go I think.