I’m currently on a 5 hour sesh of Pro clubs hahahaha

Jeez I would of burnt out by now, that’s what I’m going on now tbf hahaha

I requested a refund like an hour later, remembered how bad the game was hahaha


FIFA and EA done fucked up again. EA are fucking pigs


I never play UT, and I might be being a bit stupid, what’s the fuck up?

Usually you have the option to pay for packs using in game coins or you can pay real money for fifa points. Now they’ve removed the option to pay for coins, basically meaning to get any kind of player you need to pay using real money

Ah I see. Loot boxes (which is what I assume these are) are a fucking atrocity. Basically teaching kids to gamble.


Yep literally that. Spend stupid amount of money on fifa points and you very rarely get rewarded for it

I don’t play Fifa but I’ve been told you can still use coins. I dunno if something has changed since but that tweet is sus.

Yeah they “fixed” it soon after