Mbappe overrated

auba got a downgrade of 1 for some stupid reason

He lost 1 pace but gained 1 shooting dribbling defending but still lost a 1 overall. He also plays for a team that finished mid table which im sure is also a factor. Ea always downgrade pace with age.

Actually quite looking forward to this years, despite how broken Pro Clubs is. Its quite enjoyable in Fifa 20, and I played the closed beta in 21 and it feels atleast a little better.

Get to customise the tactics and Ai properly this year as well.

Preordered the three days early edition. With WFH set to continue for a while I’ll be looking to bang out pretty much every mode in the first few months of release.

Minimal changes to Pro Clubs and Career Mode which is a shame but any improvement is still welcome. They take the piss but PES (which I’m also getting) just doesn’t match up overall.

From the gameplay trailers it looks like it’ll be even more a dribbling centric game than 20 was.

Pro Clubs is timeless I couldn’t imagine gaming without it being a thing.

Looks the same shit yet again. Won’t pay more than £10 for this crock of shit in a few Months

Skipping FIFA again. PES as well. Need something to fill the gap.

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I didn’t play 20 so looking forward to doing a career mode with arsenal as I couldn’t do one on PES last season as I didn’t like the master league much prefer FIFA’s. I done a great master league with Milan instead.


Do you not think he’s as good as Salah and Mane?

Not yet

FIFA 21 is free on next gen if you get it on current gen.

interesting… thanks for letting me know

Fifa 19 was such a fucking shambles of a game I didn’t get Fifa 20 and I haven’t missed it at all.

Fifa 12/13 were the last properly good FIFA games and I really do miss them.

Wish they’d get their shit in order.


pre ordered fifa 21 but only the standard edition, I don’t play ultimate team

Miedema 91 :fire::fire::fire:@bl1nk

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I saw Giggs Icon card has 90 fucking passing, overrated dickhead.


I know they’re trying to promote the women’s game etc and try get more girls to play the game, but I wish there was an option to make their stats reflect their abilities compared to male players.

Will the Arsenal Women team be on FIFA?

Think it’s just the national teams