Is PES worth it? I just want to play with my beloved Arsenal :disappointed:

Haven’t played computer games for the last couple years, but PES is definitely getting better than FIFA every single year. Last FIFA I bought was the FIFA 12. It has gone downhill since. Definitely go for PES.



:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: this new generation of players I’ll tell ya, nothing like the Roy Keane days.

Really liking Pro Clubs and Volta this year. Refreshing gameplay and feel despite all the hate for the franchise generally.

The online Volta League mode reminds me of cage and 5 a side sessions with mates. You basically make your player, start off with a dead overall along with your teammates and your opposition. They’re about as crap as us lot irl. Progression isn’t based on real money which is good.

I like the realistic approach to street football a lot more. Old FIFA Street gameplay should stay one and done.

Oh and they have Troopz announcing during games which cracked me up.

Yeah, I only buy Fifa purely for pro clubs. Me and Eddy gave 19 a miss as 18 was so fucking awful. Fifa is still fucking awful, but man I do love a good pro clubs session.

Surprisingly for me, someone who has never ever ever enjoyed single player fifa or played more than 3 games. I am absolutely loving the career mode despite the bugs, for once the teams play like the actual teams irl. Kind of anyway.

Superb game :raised_hands:


That assist by Tadic… Ajax CL form :smile:

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Only started playing since Sunday. Saving up for Ziyech and De Ligt now.

PES thread on fire, and the FIFA thread is a ghost town. tenor


I luv his accent :arteta:

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