Fifa 18


Man, I got shifted into some dodgy positions as i joined late. Also think I got sent off a couple of times :roll_eyes:

My pass accuracy was like 99% though I swear😎


Had some great games on clubs shame we haven’t played much this year


I’d love to join in for sure! Gonna have to be after I move and get settled in and figure out a gaming set up. Cannot be fucked negotiating time for the tv with my gf so I’m probably gonna get a 22” monitor or something to hook up my PlayStation to.


For a Xabi Alonso type, think my stats were pretty damn good. Happy for others to take the limelight whilst I mopped up and started attacks :ozil2:

I remember we got to Division 1 a bunch of times, then fell down to like Division 4 or 5 with concurrent relegations. Real fucking roller-coaster. Had some great fun playing but can’t believe that was like 5 or 6 years ago!


FIFA is not half as bad as many on here claim it is. No one is forcing you to play it, play PES instead. I come from PES (4/5) back in the good old days, but this FIFA is just so much better than PES is these days, I tried the PES demo. Couldn’t convince me to go back to it.

All in all FIFA is just solid. It has its problems, but same goes for PES and any other game out there. I am not a fan of EA as they have killed off my favourite franchise ever C&C, but I am not going to hate on every game they make just because it’s fashionable to do this.

FIFA is an incredible game and the only game worth my money. I spent 60 bucks once and play this game every week, no other game comes even close to that.


Guys after a hiatus I am back…Fifa 18 me up muthafuckers!!

That throw in from me still brings joy and warmth to my heart


361 apps fucking hell


Anyone else got this shit…


Any of you lads up for some Pro Clubs some time again?

I still sometimes dream about the best of 5 we played against RedCafe a few years ago. And we fucking beat them manc ***** 3 wins 2 losses :sunglasses::sunglasses:


I’m up for it