Fifa 18


No stand alone game this time :giroud3: also has the Europa League so we can all do our own version of #Baku19 :unai:




World cup DLC available yet?


World Cup dlc?!?

Ahh sweet. Will it have updated player ratings? Some of the Danish players need updating


I think so.

Release Date: May 29 for PS4, XB1, PC, and Switch

Should be out today!


Yep downloading now


Same :smiley:


Yeah, need to change a bunch of their ratings from 68 to 69. Makes all the difference :see_no_evil:


Watch your fucking whore mouth son :jakey:


PES ftw.

But will try this world cup mode as have a fifa digital copy on ps4.


Started my first world cup save with France. My first game I just could not score 19 shots ffs!

Then they go up and score a lucky goal cause I misjudged the ball and took lloris out in error…

Bet you would love this in the real thing @Aussiegooner haha


Yes, it is all about fucking money and not the game play…

Unfortunately, we got no choice… FIFA, NHL…


Yes you do have a choice. Abstinence. If you don’t buy fifa you can’t get an std.


After downloading this WC file, gotta make up my mind and not buying FIFA for at least a few years…

Haven’t really touched my PS4 for a few months already, and the only time I played was playing NHL with my son, a game that we can’t avoid.


Holy shit, what a blast from the past

@StreetCredible (where is this guy?)


Anyone up for clubs??


“Down the line!!!”

“Get the FUCK out of my way”

Yeah good times. I’m actually up for clubs at some point if we have enough players


Do you still have the video of that throw in goal? :grin:

We were such a fucking pulis team.


Fucking hell, some of you really liked FIFA haha


2 goals and 2 assists in 16 games :eyes: going to need some context on those stats bro