Ferguson vs Wenger | Pep vs Klopp

What do youse think?

  • Ferguson vs Wenger
  • Pep vs Klopp

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Stuff like this makes me hate modern football


Bald fraud and smile fraud is not a rivalry, there’s no feud there. Neither is there between City and Pool.

I won’t even dignify that poll with a vote.

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What the fuck is this?

The top two right now couldn’t touch prime Arsenal/prime ManUre

Let’s see if Pep vs Klopp even lasts a couple more years before declaring anything.

No rivalry is complete without a thrown pizza

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Great on a tactical level and footballing level but it pales in comparison. Doesn’t even have the same intensity, build up, anticipation and just outright madness

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Liverpool vs City is probably a higher standard, City will have 90 + points in 4 out of 5 seasons.

Liverpool will have 90 + in 3 out of 4.

The gulf between these and the rest of the league is much larger than Arsenal was compared to the rest of the league for a sustained period.

Points wise I think our best was 90 in 03/04, 87 in 01/ 02 and 83 in 04/05.

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Yea they are so good it’s boring. Wengers Arsenal v Fergies United was never boring.

I just see pool and city now as competing with each other. There’s no real rivalry.


Nah it was never about a boring points total, it was about an intense rivalry between two of the greatest teams players and managers of the time, no contest whatsoever.


Something very unsatisfying about how mechanical these two teams are too.


Yeah I agree maybe the rivalry wasn’t as intense.

I do think the teams are at a higher combined caliber though.

Hard to say in different eras, but statistically much stronger.

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Even matches between them City - Liverpool, while there has been quality on display the atmosphere of the rivalry hasn’t been there.

Compared to say the match with the Van Nistelrooy pen miss with Keown going ballistic. Or Vieira beefing with Roy Keane. It’s tame.


Agree wholeheartedly with that side of it.


It’s far more than a points total

The way they were chasing each other down was epic, no real need to tear down the Liverpool/City rivalry tbh

It’s been an incredible one.

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All this club have left is the Fergie vs Wenger days pretty much, I can understand why people will get defensive over it. When you’ve been irrelevant for a decade and a half you’ll get a high dose of nostalgia.

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And can easily say City and Liverpool are two of the best teams and respective coaches too.

Their rivalry has raised the standard of what it takes to take home that trophy, yes the sense of beef is not the same but the stakes and lengths a team needs to go to win the title now is insane.

Look at Liverpool now they’ve gone what 10 wins on the bounce to get back in contention? That’s legendary stuff if they pull it off

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