Favourite gaming console/systems

Figured it might be fun making a thread and finding out member’s favourite gaming systems , as we’ve all been exposed to gaming at some points in our lives.

Is today’s modern tech, Ultra HD gaming systems, the most enjoyable it’s ever been, or are you more fond towards gaming of a simplier time?

I know I’m bound to miss something out of the poll, so I’ll just add the other option in :video_game: I did think about hand held consoles but then the poll would get rather ridiculous lol, so another possible choice for the ‘Other’ option.

  • Commodore 64
  • Atari
  • NES
  • SNES
  • Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
  • Playstation
  • Nintendo 64
  • PS2
  • Dreamcast
  • Xbox
  • Nintendo Gamecube
  • Xbox 360
  • Nintendo Wii
  • PS3
  • Xbox One
  • PS4
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Other (State which)

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Anything Sony cause the Japanese make the coolest shit.

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PS1/2 were big parts of my childhood practically lived off them


You missed GameBoy :slight_smile: played a lot of Donkey Kong on it, not to mention Pokemon!


Other than that… SEGA Megadrive was HUGE for me growing up; Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, MORTAL KOMBAT. Oh god the nostalgia. I played them all again when I downloaded an emulator a couple of years ago. Such great fun.

I’ve had all PlayStations. One of my favourite ever games on it was ISS Pro Evolution Soccer 2. You should have seen my Master League team back then, great great players.

PS3, PS4 feel very recent. Played a lot of different games on them, mostly FIFA.

Good thread!


Pokémon on the Gameboys was :fire:


I know I probably should’ve put Gameboy as it’s own option, but I figured if I did that, I’d have to include all the handheld consoles and it might be total overkill :sweat_smile: No doubting though I loved the gameboy, played that a lot over the years. Obviously Pokemon Gens 1 and 2 were the ones I packed the most hours into it, but I had all sorts of other games from that time. To name a few, Tetris, Ducktales 2, Garfield’s Labrinth, Looney Tunes ha. Ah good times 90s gaming.

The original Playstation felt like a real gamechanger when that came onto the scene. I still have mine, although it’s showing it’s age and wear now, it struggles to read the disks sometimes :disappointed: I liked the PS2 and PS3 whenever I played them with mates, but never owned either.

I’ve also got a real soft spot for the Nintendo Wii. I bloody love that thing. I think had the Wii come with HD the first time round (instead of the crappy Wii U) probably be the best console ever. That and more titles was the only other thing it lacked.

Had Nintendo DS when I was about 12 if that counts :joy:



Never been into this but I always remember my lad Playing a Ronaldao game for hours when he was a kid. PS1 I think it was. He loved it and always goes on about it now. Anyone remember that.

PS2 and Gameboy Color with Pokemon red all day bruv.

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N64 was probably my happiest time gaming. For me it had the best Mario game ever, best Mario kart game ever and the best Zelda game ever.

I think PS2 was the console/generation with the most consistent hits though.

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People still talk so highly of Mario Kart 64. Brilliant game. Sadly one I never owned as I never had an N64, which I sometimes regret as Nintendo had some really good games around that era, but back then I was kinda full on PS1.

Still got Mario Kart for the Wii though, which I played like crazy back in it’s peak. I really miss competing online :santi: Cool to see a good response to this thread so far!

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Mega drive for me. Cartridges, original FIFA with that halfway line scoring glitch, mortal combat, streets of rage, John Madden and EA hockey on the same cartridge and Sonic.

Obviously other consoles that came after we’re better/more powerful/whatever but they just don’t hold the memories the mega drive does.

Edit: being able to block the keeper in original FIFA :giroud2:

And being able to run away from the ref when he tried to book you :grin:


Gameboy for the biggest amount of time spent on it as a kid.

Playstation for being my first proper console.

Xbox 360 cos I got it late and could therefore afford to buy every game I could ever possibly want because they were cheap as fuck second hand.

Hard to narrow it down to just one vote.

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Mega Drive, PS2, PS1 in that order.

Streets of Rage is a game I even downloaded on my phone recently. Elite game.

But PS1 and PS2 was my childhood. PES, MGS, Rayman, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, WWF Attitude, SmackDown, GTA III, VC and San Andreas.

Those are just some of the games that I grew up on.

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Was defo a Sega kid.

First one was the Sega Mastersystem with the built in Alex the Kid.

Then the Mega drive with Golden Axe, Streets of Rage and Mortal Kombat :raised_hands::raised_hands:

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Hard choice Gameboy just for the memory with playinv pokemon gen 1 which I still play today on 3ds, super Mario 2 the first game I ever completed. An playing zelda links awaking an warrorland 2 also this while battery’s are dying an the screen becomes awful in the dark.

Atari Jaguar for the first console I owened an being blown away by Alien v Predator an cybermorpth.

PlayStation 1 so many fond memories of beating metal gear solid, long hours playing LMA manager, playing actual soccer with my brother, playing three lions an being frustred with the shooting mechanics of the game :rage: if u remember the game you will remember the pain.

The playstation 1 will always be my favourite console just for the sheer amount of great games on it an still want to play today Eithen the ps2 an 3 had good games but none that I want to pick up an play today.

I take it everyone had their ps2 chipped and their dad always knew someone who could get you the games for much cheaper than the shop prices haha


Definitely :smiley:

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In the course of a bit of spring cleaning I found this last night. First ever bit of gaming kit and the first five games I ever owned :heart_eyes: