Favourite Arsenal match from before your time?

Iwhen I was a kid I used to love studying Arsenal’s history. I was fortunate enough to be gifted some VHS tapes of old games as well so I had a few favourites that I liked to watch. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who has some favourite matches from before their tenure as an Arsenal fan.

Technically Anfield 89 was before my time as I was only 3/4 when it happened, and obviously I’ve watched that back many time but for me my favourite has to be the 5 minute final against United in 1979 some six years before my birth, just because its such an Arsenal way to win the cup, to go from 2 up to level to back in front all in the last 5-10 minutes.

Any old favourites from before you were actually a fan?

Cup final 1971

Also beating Liverpool at Anfield in 1972/73

(Radford and Alan Ball masterclass)

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  1. It’s up for grabs now.

I’ve never seen the full game but I’ve always been particularly enamoured by the 5-0 against spurs from 1978 that included this banger from Liam Brady.

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Can this topic be blocked please !
You guys are making me feel fucking ancient!
Fabulous memories all .


I cannot be the only one in this forum who once owned this video. To be clear, it’s presented by George Graham and it ls his all time greatest Arsenal team.


Almost everything I know about pre nineties arsenal began with repeated viewings of this legendary video.


You can always quote a game from the 1934/35 season.

3 league titles in a row and Spurs getting relegated at the end of it :blush:


Ha ha
You might laugh .
Pathé News .
Loved the old shirts with lace up necks !

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Biggest away win that season?

Tottenham Hotspur 0-6 Arsenal


I was only 8 when I saw Arsenal live for the first time. My mates dad was a Palace fan, and he got tickets for a league cup tie vs Arsenal at Selhurst Park.
It was 0-0 but all I remember was the red shirts of Arsenal, I honestly do not remember anything about the game, just the red shirts.
The next Arsenal match I saw was the FA Cup final in 1971, Charlie Georges gorgeous winning goal, et al…
So, sadly I have no games previous that I remember at all…


You were at Wembley for the 71 cup final?!

No…in front of the telly sadly…still remember it like it was yesterday…

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Anfeild '89 - St. Michael Thomas, hallowed be thy name.


Now…this game, I was at… :heart_eyes:


Damn, you and @Stroller

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Long story kept very short…Game was on a Friday night, I was a sales rep at the time, I left London at midday, telling my boss that I had a sales appointment in Brighton at 3pm that afternoon, we only covered South of England, I picked up 2 of my mates and set off for Anfield.
Arrived in loads of time, found a pub near the ground, and set to work.
Seated by 7pm, the game was magic, I still reckon that Dalglish played for the draw, which was a massive mistake, Liverpool were a very good side, but playing for a draw was very risky…
Obviously we all know how it turned out, but me and my mates found our way into a pub somewhere near Anfield road, crammed full of Liverpool fans…
They were magnificent, I ended up staying with a bloke I met that night, who is still a mate to this day, for the whole weekend, and they all agreed that Dalglish blew it, and Arsenal deserved the win…
What a great weekend, unbelieveable…


Same as others born after 1989 there is really only one choice. Others games that spring to mind would be the '71 or '79 finals.

That is amazing, and definitely a story that should stay long. :grinning:

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That Radford goal was one of the best team goals we scored.
Match is on YouTube I’m sure. Brief highlights anyway.
That was our last win their in any competition till 89.

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Leeds 93 Elland Road in the cup 3 2 win replay. Never enjoyed a win over a set of fans as much as that night.