Fantasy Premier League 23/24

Fuck off Arteta. He’s getting to as annoying as Pep when it comes to FPL. It’s like he just knows many are bringing in a player and so he benches them. Gabriel better stay on the damn bench now.

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Mbeumo getting returns two weeks in a row after I transferred him out. Fuck sake


Damn. If the move for Salah and Diaby don’t pay off this week I’m really going to be annoyed. Only decided to WC late so I could get to Salah without selling Son. That meant selling Mbeumo for Palmer, which I didn’t want to do. But I couldn’t afford him otherwise. Ffs. And then Gabriel benched too. At least I got Son’s points when many sold for Salah.

Story of my life

I did the same and swapped him for Saka.

What a shame

Rashford is my captain, Odegaard vice. Don’t know why I bother.

Taken Havertz out this week as well.

How long did it take you to bite the bullet?

Triple C Haaland ffs

All season. He had been in from week 1.

He’ll score today.

Man City score six and neither Haaland or Alvarez score and Doku gets four assists.

I went Salah for captain :sunglasses:

So did I and also swapped Haaland out for Watkins and Saka but not sure if that’s a good decision.

Not sure I’m gonna play next season. If I hadn’t entered a paid league this season, I’d quit right now. I refuse to watch any PL match where Arsenal aren’t involved. So no eye tests and I’m not doing as well as last few of season when I mixed eye test and stats. But I just can’t bring myself to watch this PGMOL created shit show.

Downright awful week for most. I did that think where I transfer out a player and said player scores :expressionless:

Some horrible scores but this one is my favourite


livefpl had some issues last night. I managed 28 points with Palmer my only player returning. And it had me in the top 13k. If only!

Been update now. Not as bad as it could’ve been.

Anyone using the international break to use their wild card?

I’ve still got mine, but because I am doing well I’m not sure if I need to use it? But at same time I am eager to improve and make sure I win, because my West Ham Arteta hating mate is right behind me in the league and he is a loser with a spreadsheet.

So which players would people get in now? Cole Palmer is the obvious one I think, because he is cheap. Who else?

I have used WC couple of rounds ago to get Vicario, Madison and Romero from spurs, and it is going fantastic😁, I have done ok without them last two rounds and spurs are fucked so it is win-win for me.

Now I sold Madison and Romero so we will see how that goes…

I have four of them. :open_mouth: