Fantasy Premier League 23/24

Just making the thread for the price reveals this afternoon. I will reactivate the league then

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Haaland got to be £12 mil from the start. Hopefully salah price dropped.

More than 12 for sure. Salah started at 13 once or twice if I remember correctly.

Henry currently still the highest player to start the season at £14mil.

Haarland can’t be far off that.


RvP was 14m in 2014 I think

Yep. Pretty sure that Ronaldo was £14m too.

Also Rooney was close to 14m and reliable but Salah has probably been the most consistent.

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Haaland 14
Salah 12.5
Nkunku 7.5

Who’s gonna try and fit these 2 into their squad?

Haaland only

Salah has a lot to prove after last season

That’s a great price for Bruno :heart_eyes:

Haaland is worth it but 14m might put some people off so Kane might be better, if he’s much cheaper.
Mitoma 6.5 and Watkins 8.0 are good value and Aston Villa players might be worth it, if they keep up their good form from last season.

Odegaard is a lot more expensive than the start of last season and Fernandez is cheaper but both are 8.5, which is decent and Nkunku 7.5 looks good value as well.

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Although he still finished 3rd with 239 points. But yeah, Haaland is a must and it means dropping someone like Salah. If Kane stays, he was 2nd and I think fitting him in might be the better option, if you’re happy with just 2 up top. Be interesting to see what he costs.

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Salah did finish with a lot but most were gained in the last few months iirc, if he can’t show he’s a week to week asset like he used to be then its a waste of money IMO

Kane was a very good week to week player to have because he was consistent throughout the season, hate to say it but he had a fantastic season.

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Kane and Haaland were the most consistent players and I had them both for most of the season.
But although Salah didn’t start the season that great, not manyLiverpool players did so he’s still probably going to get points.

Maddison might be worth a punt as well.

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Trent is an 8.0…is he the highest priced defender in FPL history?

No. Article I read earlier said John Terry started a season at £8.5m. 2004/5 I think.

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Overpriced for a defence that leaked goals mostly from his side.
And not sure he’ll continue playing in midfield after the MacAlister and Dominic signings.

Chelsea players being valued like a mid-table side