Fantasy Premier League 23/24

Ah nice. Barnes definitely the differential there, not seen him in many teams.

I think I made a few wise selections. Not sure I can keep the momentum going until the end of the season, but going to try and up my game.

Was too much uncertainty about whether he’d start, (which turned out to be accurate), and the fact they’ve got city and Liverpool in their next 2.

I’ll bring him in after those 2 if it looks like he’ll be a regular starter

Is this your way of telling @The_Invincibles he made a mistake? :sweat_smile:

Share your team then…

Was just responding to your point about why he’s not in many teams :stuck_out_tongue:

Already did, 11 posts up

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Who are you? This person had Fergie, Son, and Haaland :clap:

Edouard is my best punt in years. Got me up to 5th :grin:


Edouard looks tidy. I might have to get him into my line-up after the 2 week International break snooze

Good pick :clap:

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I nearly bought Edouard after reading that although he hadn’t scored for Crystal Palace, he’d had more shots than any other player but I kept hold of Alvarez and Pedro.

It’s a choice between Edouard or Ferguson who to replace Pedro with.

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You still have Joao Pedro…ouch ;).

I have the same conundrum with Jackson though.

I’ve got Haaland and Alvarez upfront and only had Pedro because he’s cheap but I’ll swap him with Ferguson.

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My overall green arrow :joy:

Rank: 284,973


From the FPL weekly

I’m seriously considering using my WC for next GW.

  • Jackson’s done frack all. Just gets booked. Chilwell was benched. And Chelsea suck. Should’ve gone Gousto, at least I would’ve had a CS this GW.
  • Rashford not doing great. And Utd suck. At least I don’t have Bruno too.
  • Turner could lose his place and not really a GK I want to have to rely on.
  • Johnstone CS have dried up and risk of losing his place.
  • March wasn’t in Brighton squad. He’s my transfer out regardless. Fixture swing not great so do I want to start Estupinan.
  • With Archer transfer, Osula is no longer a playing 4m striker.
  • City aren’t keeping CS so want to get rid of Gvardiol.

So looking at 7-8 players I want out. Ffs. Not sure if 2FT will help a great deal for GW6. Was hoping to wait until at least GW9 to play my WC, ore even later.

Let us never speak of this game week again


Free hit paying off, Bowen, Morris, Odegaard goals and Trippier assist so far.

I triple captained Haaland this week so he won’t be scoring today…

I had three players who got -2 points in the last game week, which doesn’t happen very often. :grinning:


Got over 100 points and although the defenders didn’t get many, rest made up for it. :grinning: