Fantasy Premier League 22/23

I’ve gone from second to fourth because I didn’t have Wilson as captain and this game week, because Man City won the title, Guardiola doesn’t pick Haaland or Grealish.

The Isak captain choice just gets better. Injured while making a challenge that also saw him pick up a yellow. Thanks mate.


The final of the cup is in my sights.



I was just about to post that.

I’m second on goal difference. :grinning:

No idea who i am facing in the final today but good luck.

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Good luck to you too mate :grin:

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How it started:

How it ended:

I was in the cup final in another mini league and somehow am down as the loser. It says I have 50 points to his 57, but I scored 58 points this week. Weird.

Might not be showing bonus points - that could apply to both of you, so both your scores could be wrong.

True. Not a biggy. Just thought it was weird.

I’m glad it’s over this season. Ready for a break. My Saturday mornings have been stressful trying to sort my team before having to take my kids to all his activities.

Did you take any transfer hits?

I swapped Haaland for Kane because it was unlikely Guardiola would play him in a meaningless PL game and it might be Kane’s last game for spurs but forget to make him captain, which cost me the runners up place. :grinning:


Finished 7th last season.

5th this season so I’ve moved up from conference league to europa league. Still a disappointing end after topping the table for so long but think this is the highest I have finished in the OA league so a good way to end.

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Congrats @k1tsun3

You were too good this season, I’ll be back for the crown next season


Fell from 3th last year to 8th this season. Though had a late surge to get into the Top 10 after having a torrid season and also had the consolation of winning the cup. Hopefully will be back in the Champions League places next season or even have an outside shot at the title :grin:

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Thanks. I had one hell of a comeback late. Started well. Was up to top 37k in GW 12 but lots of red arrows followed. Was just outside the top 500k in GW 23 before slowly clawing my way back. Holding onto my BB and FH helped massively in those final weeks.

Finished 3rd this year in the mini league I won last season.

I want a top 25k finish next season, so it’s on! :blush:


Anyone else get their FPL wrapped today?

Got mine earlier