Fantasy Premier League 20/21

Vardy or Kane?
Leicester have injuries so might not scoring as much and spurs have got two fairly easy matches against Burnley and Fulham.

I went Kane. He has better fixtures.

I think it depends who else you have. I wanted to cover all bases. I have Harvey Barnes so didn’t want to double up on Leicester with no Spurs players. If I had Son, though, I may have gone for Vardy instead.

I went Barnes as well because Maddison is injured but if Kane can’t score against Burnley or Fulham then at least I can laugh at him.

Triple captain on Kane. He was rested midweek (as was Son) so reckon he’ll be bagging points.

Took Salah out for KDB as well. Not sure I’m fully comfortable with that decision but it’s too late now. Really wanted DCL too but couldn’t afford him.

Going to be some mad point hauls this week. Reckon there will be plenty of folks who crack 100.

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Working out who to captain out of Vardy and Sterling…

If Vardy is fit, he plays both games, and isn’t rested.

Bald fraud could be a bald cunt and take Sterling out. (That’s my thought process, but watch him bag hat tricks in both games)

I’ve stopped picking Man City midfield or forward players as captain because Guardiola rotates too much and he even rotates the defenders, although not as often.
Like you say, vary will always play as long as he’s fit so I’d probably go for him and at least, if he scores against us, you’ll get a few FF points. :grinning:

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Not all of them. I had Sterling and Gundogun for ages and they both played every week.

Sterling and Cancelo benched

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This just proves what a fantastic manager I am. All those weeks I had Sterling, played every game. I took him out on Thursday :sunglasses:


Ahh good on ya!!

Also look at that line up and that depth lol

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Dias yaas

Stones aswell!

You fucking love to see it :joy::joy::joy:

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Motherfucking Stones baby!

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Bale on the scoresheet with a mere 0.4 ownership. Really wanted to captain him, but went with Kane instead. I’ll live the results.


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Fantasy bots should know, what happened to Willian Borges da Silva’s 2nd assist yesterday ?

What do you mean? He was given points for two assists.

Stats seem to say he has 4 assists for the season, I can recall 2 vs Fulham, 1 vs Wolves for Gabriel and yesterday.

Yeah looks like the PL have only credited him with the assist for Luiz’s goal. Fantasy Football have given him the assist for Pepe’s goal as well though.

That happens from time to time – the adjudicators will later decide to remove/change assists, but if the change comes post game fantasy football just leave it as it was.

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FF just have different rules for assists than the league. Winning a penalty counts as an assist in FF, but doesn’t do so in real life.