FA Cup 2019/20

Nah still disagree, Liverpool have similar financial power to us and they’re likely to get 100 + points.

I see what you’re trying to say regarding Sheffield United etc, but if you way up what’s more unlikely to happen again, a Sheffield United type season or a Liverpool type season, we all know the answer.


Yeah it’s Klopp. He just battered a team who have amassed 197 points in two seasons into Submission by January.

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Klopp would be considerably stumped if he was at Arsenal. If he had a Coutinho to sell at Arsenal, he’d only be able to buy Jermain Defoe to replace him.

If Klopp could achieve what he’s done at Liverpool with us instead, that’ll be the real test. At the minute, he has the full support of his board but even that may be on the wane (look at their pathetic spending in the summer and the Chinese guy they signed- only £5mil and Liverpool fans are already calling him world class :joy:)

Klopp would struggle at Arsenal like Emery did. Only he’d bitch and moan more.

Helps considerably when that team who amassed 197 points decides to play shit.

When they put the pressure on even slightly on Liverpool, the Scousers bottle it. Happened last season and it happened in 2014.

He likely wouldn’t have got the support at Arsenal as he has got at Liverpool, but remember when Klopp took over at Liverpool it was us that were a superior side.

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That’s the same club with two different sides.
It’s Liverpool who have put the pressure on each slip by city and they’ve capitulated under it.

Not sure I’d consider a record of 30-7-1 with 97 points bottling it, but whatever helps you sleep at night.

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Again, it helps when fixtures favour Liverpool by making them play first to allow them to apply the pressure.

Can’t really think of a gameweek before Christmas where the Scouse cunts played after Man City.

When you’re 7 points ahead in the league in February and you don’t win it, you’ve bottled it.

Not having people accuse Arsenal of bottling for doing exactly the same thing in the past yet make excuses for Liverpool.

“Ohhh but they got 97 points. Ohhh but they have Klopp. Ohhh but they deserve it. Ohhh it’s been 30 years.”

Oh fuck off

When you’ve won two titles on the bounce you can cope with that

See I’d say it was more about a brilliant city winning it by virtue of an insane run not dropping points after January.

This wasn’t directed at you @Aussiegooner mate.

Just the general Liverpool sentiment is sickening

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But then why do we not say that about Man United in 2003?

Because we stumbled big time and underachieved with only 78 points.

what about sentiment about wolves…they are doing very well too :henry2:

Did we stumble big time?

A draw at Villa, drawn at home to Man United, a draw at Bolton and a home loss to the mighty Leeds are the only ones that spring to mind.

Not too dissimilar to Liverpool’s run in the latter part of last season

Do you know…that bearded bastard ought to be in there with a shout given how many games those poor, poor, poooooor souls off jct 10 on the M6 have had to play this season.

(But I’ll keep that quiet :wink:)

Loss at Blackburn I remember ?

I think that was before we had our 5 point lead…(although I could be mistaken)

Still remember Tugay’s celebration. Cunt.

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I think the loss at Ewood was in March, we also lost to them at Highbury in October or something, maybe that’s the one you’re thinking of before the 5 point lead ?