FA Cup 2019/20

Third round draw is tonight at 7PM on BBC2

We are ball number 2

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Merged into general FA cup thread. :grin:

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Ripe for a mega upset form where in. Remember feeling this going to Wrexham. Just know when team doesn’t feel right.

Need a bit of a cup run here as we went out of the League Cup too early (as in most years). Want to see a couple more 90 minutes from Martinelli etc.

So please no Anfield away thx

I love the old Cup.

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No Wenger anymore so I doubt we get a cup run to save our season haha.

I really hope Freddie can do something in this though, we really need something to keep our season half interesting.

Wolves v Man United and Liverpool v Everton :eyes:

Who did we pick?


We might be able to call it the Bielsa derby… :laughing:

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How often can one team draw Leeds in the Early Rounds of the FA cup FFS.

Arsenal Vs Leeds

Not bad :eyes:

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Arsenal vs Leads

Name a greater rivalry

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A bearded Thierry Henry on his return.

Name a greater moment :sunglasses:


Merse equaliser 93. Winning that replay at that dump in the rain.

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We need to exact revenge for 1972

That’s there only FA cup final win. Similarly 1968 was there only League cup win when they beat us 1 0.

We’re actually the King makers

Birmingham City, Swindon Town, Sunderland beat us in the semi finals in 1973 en route to winning the cup.

Fckin Arsenal.

I was desperate for Cardiff to beat Pompey the other year in the final.
I hate that thing of the only time the cup leaving England when they beat us.
Fucking Welsh keeper fucking up as well.

Ipswich only cup win too. Though tbf they were the only team winning us I didn’t hate.

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We lost to Walsall in the 1930s in a Cup run, too.

West Midland maggots.