FA Cup 2019/20

Watford lost to Tranmere. Didn’t even know this game was happening tonight.

Just when United fans thought they’d hit rock bottom and lost a member of their family, they now get the opportunity to lose to the super white army.


Good result for the 2nd best team on Merseyside.

By the way, why was the replay played just a day or two before the 4th round :face_with_monocle:?

Abandoned originally due to a waterlogged pitch

Shitty Scouse weather

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Fucking ace if Tranmere can do the Mancs.

The pitch is a right mess. Full of sand and heavy going. Nightmare match for United.

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Newcastle sold out for tomorrow cup tie with Oxford.
Put tickets down to a tenner a ticket. Fair play Newcastle. Fair play Ashley.

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Steve Bruce a shout for manager of the season?

If the season ended today it’s between -

Klopp, Rodgers and Wilder for me.

  1. Klopp (for the ridiculous record)
  2. Wilder (for some of his tactical ideas and the way he has his average squad playing)
  3. Rodgers (for re-establishing Leicester as a CL place contender)

I’d have to throw the Southampton manager in.
Not losing the dressing room after a 9 0 defeat.

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Yeah it seems like Hassenhuttl has really turned Southampton around after what was a truly shocking start to the season.


Wilder for me as manager of the year. Pretty much stuck with the same squad that came up spent 48mil on boasting his team to survive which most teams spend on one player. An sit pretty in the top 10 leaving relegation fears begind them for the season

Agree with Wilder massively. Not got much to work up there with but has a well drilled unit with an underrated tactical system.

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In any other situation Wilder has it sewn up, but it just has to be and will be Klopp. They could yet win 37 league games out of 38, a truly astonishing feat to match the national outpouring of joy among scousers and neutrals alike, when England’s biggest and specialest club become even more specialler


Robin pleeeeeeeease don’t :pensive:

Ignore her Dave. She wants to make us cry. If a team is winning 37 out of 38 games it’s because the rest of the league is poor. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I actually think Liverpool were better last season than this (who won manager of the season last year by the way?)

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If Pep didn’t win it, he can justifiably cry injustice.

Who wins a domestic treble and doesn’t get a manager of the season award

It would be Klopp and it’s no contest, the other managers you mention have done really well but a 22-1-0 is just unprecedented.


Oh, are you a fan of Klopp? You should have said. Wouldn’t it have been nice if Arsenal had looked at him in 2014?!



Pound-for-pound, the other managers stake a claim for having done better.