FA Cup 2019/20

There goes that. 2-0 now.

Didn’t they play in the carabao cup semi this year though.

Right after Newc miss a sitter City shut the door. Great move from Sterling.

Saracasm people! Bloody hell. :roll_eyes: Just going a bit OTT since I hate the draw. Had it been Utd, I wouldn’t’ve cared.

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Spewing we got Man City, we were going to be an underdog no matter what but this us by far and away the worst option. What’s our last 7 games vs them ? Played 7 lost 7 scored 2 conceded 21 ?

Ah well at least we have a cup semi final, we were better and they weren’t as good but we did upset them in 2017. Let’s pray lightning strikes twice.

Well, I think Arteta was embarrassed by how we performed up there, he has a real point to prove going to play that team. I think we’ll do better than we did in the league game. Whether we get a result is an entirely different matter.