FA Cup 2018/19



So close to getting Tottenham and a shot st revenge. I’m kinda annoyed. Will be tough getting past Man United in their present state


You know me. Just kidding a bit. We’ll have them :bellend:

Put me on ignore if you hate me. Easy.


Should be a good game. Was so close to another NLD. Have we ever played them in the league cup and FA Cup before in the same season?




Don’t mind the draw actually, we’re at home so it’s a chance to beat these cunts early.



I like the draw. They are a proper shit team and have no manager. 3-0 Arsenal.


Beginning of the end bud. Ur guy kloppo with no coppo at the end of the season amirite @Arsenal4thetreble ?!


Nope, consecutive seasons in the same cup competition, but never both cup competitions in the same season. Would be a first. Hopefully Palace knock them out tho.


Ooh if tv times aren’t shit I might look to go to this one… we’re guaranteed a win if I do.


We’ll fck em up. I’m just surprised it wasn’t drawn at the Swamp. We never normally get a home tie against those c’nts in the cups.

I just hope it’s not a “wasted win”, if that makes sense. Beat United and we have to win it. Otherwise, just focus on the league, Mr Emery


Spirit of 2015 amirite


Based on Klopp’s team selection tonight it seems Liverpool got exactly what they wanted.


Bit of pressure on the team selection for Emery, as we don’t really want to be getting comprehensively beaten off a team we’re competing with for league position and chasing the 4PT


Image if they won nothing in the end :thinking:


Imagine they win the league in the end :thinking:


As they have won nothing in the last years, they should be careful with the cups. They are still trophies.


It’s only early in the cup, it’s not like he played a second string lineup in the latter stages.


Hes never made it past the 4th round in four attempts to have a chance haha.

Love this draw and Im sure we’ll go all out for it. Theres no excitement to be had in our league campaign and the europa league is dead unless we make the semis. FAcup has to be one of our priorities IMO.


Man City will win the domestic treble this season. I don’t believe anyone has ever done that since the inception of the league cup