FA Cup 2018/19


The last time Wolves put Liverpool out the FA Cup we ended up winning it. #justsayin


Wolves once again showing they are the real deal


As expected, Liverpool reserves were utter shit. They are fucked if the attacking trio got injured.


Now they’re playing Status Quo at the end of the game. And now Sweet Caroline!

Well done Wolves


The downward spiral has begun :henry2:


They are gonna finish trophyless again.


Not a bad outcome for Liverpool, out of both domestic cups very early allowing them to focus on the league and CL.


The grass is always greener on the other side :bellend:


Muahahahah ofcourse. Next season is theirs tho :henry2:




Whats ur RAWK username?


They go again :hipster:


Man United, so soon.


Looool Man United




The fix is in.

At least we’re at home.


How can 2 shit teams playing each other and us against Manure?


its one of the shitter bigger teams and we’re at home, if Emery is worth his salt he should still beat these guys.


Of course you say this :sleeping::sleeping:

Everything is a fix for you if it doesn’t go the way you wanted it


Not expecting to progress, think United are currently playing better football then we are, but at least we’re at home.