FA Cup 2018/19


Signed from Ajax in the summer of 2018. Ajax signed him from AZ Alkmaar in 2014. He takes a mean free-kick. Some of his talents are shown in this highlight match from an Ajax youth match



Liverpool reserves are shit. Klopp needs to change at HT.


A 16 year old playing in this sort of environment with all the pressures that come with it etc. just blows my mind

Also, lol at all the kids + crap like Moreno playing and it ends up being boring James that pops up with the error


1-1 Origi


Clips are dead luca




Just past the link on your search bar to watch the goal :bellend:
Wolverhampton up again! Get in! Mignolet :bellend:


Your absolutely killing this emoji Luca lol


What a chance for the 3-1! Liverpool are struggling.
Ohhhhhhh! Oustanding free kick from Shaqiri. Deserved the goal here.
Firmino and Salah on. Behave Wolverhampton :bellend:


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Wolves only a few minutes away from inflicting consecutive defeats for Liverpool.


How long did you wait for that


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