FA Cup 2018/19


Barnet and Newport salvaged a pretty boring cup round


Please, say we aren’t finishing in the top 4 :mustafi:


Newport County, Oldham Athletic & Barnet :eyes::eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Leicester field a weak side and end their season. Again im just amazed at the thought process on this. Decent position in the league and no distractions.
Well done Puel you got humiliated on national television and put yourself under pressure for the rest of the season.
Give a mention to Eddie Howe who done his annual bail at the first chance you get strategy.


The problem with the FA Cup is that because there is so much money in the PL teams with smaller squads will always prioritise a higher league placing than a cup run. So teams like Bournemouth and Leicester just won’t ever prioritise it.


I get that. Just dont think with the new format without replays from round 5 its that big an ask.


First time in my life that no pay tv Channels had the rights to the 3rd round of the FA cup. So despite me getting back home a couple of hours before kick off from my brothers wedding, I couldn’t watch the game anyways.


The thing is though, teams like Leicester have nothing else to play for. Huddersfield – fine, they’re in a relegation scrap.

Leicester fans on the radio last night were absolutely furious. Their team aren’t going to get relegated and they’re not going to get top 6 so a cup run would make a difference to their season and is a way into Europe too. Some were even calling for Puel’s head, saying be is disrespecting the cup and the fans.

But unfortunately, with stuff like that and the constant shuffling around of fixtures for TV and whatnot, the fans opinions on such matters count for zilch. Spurs/Tranmere fans had banners about TV companies ruining the FA Cup on Friday night, but obviously they were confiscated.


I agree. I think it’s a bogus excuse.


Hopefully Wolverhampton can do Liverpool today.


I think for Liverpool going out of the cup early could well be a blessing in disguise.


C’mon Wolverhampton today!




Hopefully Liverpool get tossed tonight, City draw Chelsea next round and United get spurs, whilst we get a derby vs Barnet.


Is the draw today after Wolverhampton-Liverpool?


Yeah straight after the match


Liverpool brought on a Dutch kid who was born in 2002 (I feel old). His name is Ki-Jana Hoever. He doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, so i’m relying on @Bl1nk to give me his life story :grin:


A girl who knows football so well should know him :bellend:


I can sense already Luca’s gonna wearout the new Bellerin emoji like he used to with Xhaka :xhaka:



It could be :bellend: