FA Cup 2018/19




He was offside, but they didn’t call it… that miss was truly classic.


@Calum @Electrifying.


Huddersfield, Crystal Palace, Newcastle and Norwich all draw.


Huddersfield have lost 9 games in a row, out of the cup and slightly adrift in the league. Takes a lot for me to say this but it could be the time to ditch and switch in the dugout. Although no manager that gets a club like Huddersfield up into the Prem really warrants sacking.


It would be so harsh, I think they just have a major lack of quality in the side. I’m not sure who could come in and save them.


One thing I really admire Burnley for is sticking with Dyche after they went down. And it paid off. I think Huddersfield should stick with Wagner


The chairman of Huddersfield has already said Wagner won’t get sacked what ever happens this season


It would honestly be Terrierable decision to sack him now imo.


Outstanding work.


Decent tbf


When’s the draw for the 4th Round ?


Blackburn score! Newcastle still struggling to go past the 3rd round :arteta:

Bristol City score as well.

Newcastle equalize

1-0 Palace

Portsmouth win it right at the end!

Crystal Palace and Bristol City qualify, while Newcastle go to the replay.


Think tomorrow in the evening.


Its usually Monday evening around 7/730


Can’t see any cupsets at all today, routine passage through for all the Premier League sides


1-0 Manchester City

1-0 Doncaster

1-0 Q.P.R.

1-1 Leeds

1-0 Barnet

1-0 Watford

2-0 City

3-0 City

City, Doncaster, Barnet and Watford up at HT, while Fulham, Hull and Leeds draw.


4-0 City

1-1 Preston

1-0 Hull

5-0 City

2-0 Watford

2-1 Q.P.R.

2-1 Doncaster

6-0 City

1-1 Millwall

2-1 Milwall! Good turnaround for them.

1-1 Oldham

7-0 City. Poor Rotherham.

2-1 Oldham! FUlham are going out :cech:

Oldham, City, Millwall, Doncaster, Q.P.R., Barnet and Watford are through. Fantastic from both Oldham and Barnet!


Newport score against Leicester.

Newport are through! 2-1 FT for them.

1-1 Leicester

2-1 Newport