FA Cup 2018/19


stop with the ‘WILL’ ffs


It would be easier if you just pretended people had said “I think” as part of their posts :smile:


Blame Aussie. He’s got more “wills” than a lawyer


:joy::joy: this is such a weird trigger you have


Why could Arsenal, Chelsea and United go far in the cups and do well in the league consistently? I’m sure the given answer will be some bollocks about the pace of the league changing and pressing, but I think it’s a bit embarrassing that bigger teams feel it’s better to get out of them straight away with the idea that it’ll pay off in the long run. Apart from the obvious increased odds of a key player being more likely to pick up an injury if he plays a game I don’t think it’s true.

Some of the most exciting periods in a season are those where you’re in a CL QF/semi, cup QF/semi and still in the title race. Even if a team like Liverpool win the league, doing it in this manner I’m not sure I can respect the same as those other sides who truly dominated English football for a season (unless they do something amazing in Europe too).


Very good point.

Leeds United of 1970 get a heck of a lot of respect because they advanced so far in the league and cups. Lost the league on the last day to Everton. Lost in the FA Cup final after a replay against Chelsea and lost in the European Cup semi final against Celtic.

They didn’t win a thing, but that team and that season is still talked about to this day


Yea by 70 year old Leeds fans. :kosc:

Nah I basically agree. :slight_smile:


Winning the league and a cup is the sign of a truly great team. Should be used as the standard measure imo


I would agree with u that Klopp wanted out of the cups if not for his record of choking on shit for a large majority of his cup matches :joy::joy::joy: downward spiral has begun. I won’t be surprised if City is leading the title race in a couple weeks :grin::grin:


I don’t think Klopp “disrespects” the cup at all.

Until such a day as clubs only have 14 man squads enforced upon them, they’re free to use the resources they have. He had the cavalry on the bench ready to go and on this occasion it just didn’t work out

Properly disrespecting the competition is what Ferguson did with United.


Its laughed about in mine. I fucking hate those corrupt dirty cheating cunts with a passion. Revie was the biggest cunt in English football and endorsed it when he crept over to the UAE like the sneak thief he was.


But if he didn’t win anything at the end of the season a lot of people would tell tim he is a prat for not considering the F.A. Cup.


Our 3rd round adversaries in the last years

18-19 - Manchester United H
17-18 - Nottingham Forest A
16-17 - Preston North End A
15-16 - Sunderland H
14-15 - Hull City H
13-14 - Spurs H
12-13 - Swansea A
11-12 - Leeds H
10-11 - Leeds H
09-10 - West Ham A

Can’t say the draw has been unkind to us


In Australia we actually have none of our pay tv channels covering the FA cup, I can’t remember this ever happening in my life.


Good point, they don’t just give the GGG v Canelo fight up for free, u gotta pay for the main events. I bet they have the under card PL games for free tho, don’t they?




We can kick these cunts out. They are not better than us :bellend:


If we’re being honest they probably are and we shouldn’t let Jose’s failure cloud the fact they actually have a strong squad.


I do think though that if we select our best possible lineup coupled with the fact we’re at home, we have a reasonable chance of toppling United.


I think we have more than enough to beat them and hopefully Emery can capitalise on OGS’s lack of experience and tactical acumen.