FA Cup 2018/19


They are a better side than us and I wouldn’t be surprised if they beat us no doubts.


@JakeyBoy @will24


Friday 25th Jan


A Friday?!

Well at least their fans won’t have to travel far to get to the Emirates


The last time we played in the F.A. CUP on friday was against Coventry in 2014.


Why are you so surprised? There is always a Friday game in the FA Cup haha


Have you seen the youtube video of the coventry fans singing twist and shout at half time during that game at the Emirates?

It’s actually hard not to smile while watching it


I think the worst one is Chelsea v Sheffield Wednesday/Luton in the fan friendly slot of 6pm on a Sunday!


I had to watch it.


I have to work out if this game will be shown in Australia or not, if it is I won’t work a Saturday OT that weekend. If it’s not being televised I’ll cash in on some double time.


Leeds are up 1-0.

(Come on Luca, pull yer finger out, son :wink:)


Shit, wrong thread.

Sorry @Luca_from_Italy




I wanna know how many times you’ve bunked off work to watch The Arsenal.

Guessing your favourite kick off times are the 12:30pm UK time kick offs on a Saturday?

Least favourite Sunday PM?


Favourite kick off time is 1230pm Saturday, especially early and late in the season when it’s only a 9 hour difference so it’s 930pm on a Saturday here.

Yeah the worst kickoff time is 4pm Sunday with the 11 hour difference as it means I’m up at 3am on the Monday morning and pretty much can’t go back to sleep after the game as Don’t have the time before work.

I do prefer midweek games early and late in the season as the 445am/ 5am kickoffs mean I can always watch the full 90 before having to head for work.


Got to respect the dedication, at least the NBA is at an appropriate time for you there.


With dedication like that you’re entitled to moan all the time pal.


In my neck of the woods, tomorrow’s game is on at 5:30am (I’m on Mountain Time, GMT-7). I record the games anyway so I can cut out the half time yak from Danny Dichio and Craig Forrest.


Yeah NBA is beautiful here in regards to times. Absolute pain in the arse for Europeans.


Was about to say exactly this.