FA Cup 2018/19


Newcastle score in the first minute haha


1-0 Newcastle

2-0 Newcastle

2-1 Blackburn

Stoke up against Shrewsbury

2-2 Blackburn! Newcastle are a fucking mess!

Blackburn and Luton draw at HT, while Stoke win.


Wow newcastle even struggling against blackburn, they look like a club in trouble not even a coach like benitez can help them.


Stoke City dropping a 2-0 league at home to a side 18th in the league one :syringe:


Based on what you’ve said there, I’m guessing that the US (apart from the UK, obvs) has the best possible times for watching games.

They can watch 3 games on a Saturday in the PL, one after the other, and it’s still only 2.15 there. The bulk of the day left!


Sheffield Wednesday up.
2-0 Stoke. Shrewsbury pull one back!
Newcastle go to ET. Shrewsbury equalize as well!
Sheffield Wednesday are through.
3-2 Shrewsbury! What a turnaround!
Stoke out ahahah! Get in!
Newcastle score the 3-2.

4-2 Newcastle

4-2 Newcastle FT. First time that Newcastle go past the third round in the last years.


Yeah I enjoyed the time zones for games whilst I was holidaying in the states, I remember watching us nearly pull off a 2nd leg miracle in Munich whilst I was in Portland Oregon.


Our usual PL lineup here is the early game starts at 5:30am. Then we a choice of three or four games on different channels at 8:30am, and a late one at 10:30am. FA Cup games are a bit more infrequent. We get CL and Europa games, usually about 12:30pm, too. This is all on regular cable channels.


Not the best advert for VAR this evening, decisions correct but too much deliberation, the process is too lengthy


I checked earlier and Derby was up 1-0, then it was Saints 2-0, only assume Derby’s goal was overturned due to VAR? Or was it a glitch in my livescore app ?


Southampton 0-0 at HT.
Southampton score.

2-0 Southampton

2-1 Derby


Yeah Derby were 1-0 up for about half hour. That’s how long it took VAR to decide it was offside.


Derby have come from 2-0 down twice in this cup tie, I do hope they go onto win it now. Especially as they had a goal disallowed for marginal offside.

Southampton have only beaten Arsenal at home all season and let’s face it that’s not difficult


Well-done Southampton! Bottling another 2-goal lead lol!


Game-raising cunts.


:speaker::speaker: PENALTY SHOOTOUT CLAXON :speaker::speaker:


Derby are through!


Derby deserved that. More Prem sides than usual out after the 3rd round, although by the time we get to the last 8 it will still be the usual suspects in there with the increasing advantage of big club squad depth


Pundits moaning last night about VAR on that offside. Better get used to it because thats the can of worms this will open up.
The other ironic thing is that tv companys dissect these things to death at half and full time every match.
You want to ref the game with cameras and slide rules be happy then.