FA Cup 2018/19


big mouth deserves nothing good…dirty spud cunt :giroud:


MoPo is binning off the Fa Cup, I know he has a ready made excuse but this could backfire big time :eyes::see_no_evil:

Where is Eriksen? Aldeweireld? Lamela not starting etc. This is very odd

Going out of two cups in a matter of days is a bit Arsenal and a bit not good for the rest of your season


We usually waited until February before dropping out of everything within a few days


How does the song go? HA, HA, HA, BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY.


But it is pretty much february…but it is still January, that is how it works :henry2:


Overrated team, manager and potential on clear show all week for everyone to see. Harry won the jungle no way Poch would.


FOYTH Fuck Off You Tottenham Hotspurs. Oh the irony. :):):slight_smile:


Wonder if United still want poch after this


Not good enough. Surely they have learned with Moyes about taking about good cvs from small clubs.


oh deeeear.


Are we allowed to celebrate this one or do we have to take in the injuries,stadium and Poch net spend.


Poch team selection shows how much he cares about domestic cups, but i suppose he should care more.

Spurs remind me of us 06-13 and I was crying out for us to win a domestic cup in that period, because even though we were pretty good, winning the league or CL was always highly unlikely.

Plus If I point out the the reality of spurs being better than us everytime we celebrate a spurs loss, what do us Arsenal fans have to celebrate ?


So you didnt laugh yesterday when the windies stuffed the poms. Truth now.


Spurs losing makes me happy if you don’t care its fine but it’s a bit weird for an arsenal fan


Don’t get me wrong I was happy to wake up to Palace tossing them.

The Chelsea league cup tie I cared about a lot less as I really hate both sides tbh.


Haha yeah you got me on that one mate.


Pochettino’s treatment of cup competitions deserves a lot of criticism, mentality change isn’t a switch, not sure how he’s going to walk into a bigger club and deliver trophies as it has been prophesied (Particularly by the Mancs) where they expect to compete on multiple fronts.


^^ Fraud

Var making the Wednesday fans look a bit embarrassing tbh, altho I suppose they’re not to know right now


As long as United don’t win the FA cup, I enjoy us being the outright leader for FA cup victories, also enjoy the fact I’ve witnessed 7 of them also.

Though I do feel a bit cheeky for claiming the 98 cup final given it was the first game that I watched.


Spurs lost again??? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha. No trophies for them again this season, fucking hilarious :joy::joy::joy::blush::joy: