FA Cup 2018/19


3-3 incoming. Place your bets


Wimbledon 4 West Ham 2


Wow this is unbelievable, imagine if Shrewsbury had held on as well.

Millwall Shrewsbury and Wimbo would’ve been some treble, in the hundreds to 1 presumably

May only be 7 Prem sides in the last 16, which is fairly unusual, in recent times it’s been more like 10-12.

Will still be won by Man City, Chelsea, Man United Or Tottenham (in that order of preference), but you never know if the last 16 or quarter final draw pits a couple of them against each other


West Ham’s defending was shambolic. Whisper it, but I do think it was worse even than Arsenal’s.

West Ham turn us over in the league with a solid performance and then turn up and do this :roll_eyes: I believe the expression is ‘game-raising buffoons’ or something


The way things are going, I think I want Man City to win the domestic treble because I just can’t stand the teams they’re going up against! :sob:


Huge today if Palace can do the deed. Be very interesting to see how the spuds react after midweek. Preferably a win for the eagles but a draw would be nice too.


No Kane, Alli, Son, Sissoko, Davies.

Rumours over an Eriksen knock also



Spurs already 1-0 down!


Conor Wickham ffs.:joy::joy::joy:


First goal in 2 years


Penalty Palace!


lol what a ridiculous hand-ball… shambolic by the young defender.


2-0 Palace, get in


Fantastic! Spurs going out two trophies in 3 days :joy:


sooooooooo poch doesnt rate the fa cup either. Or the EPL…or the CL :henry2:


Penalty Spurs ffs



trippier came on giving it the biggun against us and since then he has fucked penalties and been utter gash.


HAHAHAHAHA Jesus fuck that was sad


Not excusing it, but the ball was moving when he struck it…