FA Cup 2017/18


United have been the better team since the goal.
Dier hits the post just at the end of the first half!
1-1 HT. Nice game.


When did ‘second half of the first half’ become a thing?

2-1 United!




Get in!


Vorm looked awkward there


Yeah should be saving that! Where is Lloris do they do the cup keeper aswell?


Vorm lol!

Eriksen so fucking close!


Eriksen is so fucking good, it’s scary whenever he gets the ball


End-to-end stuff here.


Hold on northern scum and beat the southern scum!

So here’s my situation. I went to my bro’s house, yes the scum supporting brother. I arrived at his house jusr before half time and when I walked in I asked if it was still 1 - 1. He was all upset because he’s recording it and gonna watch it later with all his friends. So if united can hold pn i can lol at them so hard later. Pray for me guys :pray:


Pretty sure Rashford was clipped then, pretty harsh yellow card tbh


United winning the fa cup rivals our number of wins right?




Arggh gotta finish that one Rashford


5 minutes added on.


Thanks United!

Now I’ll prefer the winner of Chelsea v Southampton in the final


Another trophyless season for Spurs! “We put the pressure on the F.A. Cup!” :rofl:


No word of a lie a few of my Spurs supporting friends are calling for Poch to go :joy:




Wenger gets to sign off with Spurs still not winning a trophy rejoice