FA Cup 2017/18

This is really random, but I have a bad cough and can’t sleep. So i’ve just been laying in bed thinking - and I realised that Prince Harry’s wedding is the same day as the FA Cup final. What kind of knob books his wedding on that day?

Hope he doesn’t mind his brother not being there.


Awkward for him if Aston Villa made the final

That too, but I was more thinking that William is the President of the FA! Who will congratulate us on our win?! We need a member of the royal family.

I’m sure they’ll manage lol. Royal Family should be axed anyway.

Lets hope this is one of the cups City doesn’t care about so we can walk it, 4th in 5 years, 8th for Wenger and 14th for Arsenal is some satisfying numbers :grinning:

Calum, this is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night. Don’t dismiss it. Long live the royal family. Kings and queens are my porn, I read books about them in my spare time.

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Why? They don’t seem to hamper you guys at all unlike other Monarchs.

LOL. As a kid, I skipped my school’s annual Sports Day one year as it fell on a Cup Final Saturday. I got six across my arse for the deed.


And then he can finally walk away with this record.

Both United and Pool with strong teams today.

Why does this game kick off at 7.55pm? It’s a kick off time that suggests some kind of committee was involved :thinking:

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Because Manure started at 20:00 :smile:

Milner from the spot. 1-0.

Penalties are given so easily nowadays. So incredibly soft.

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I’m still waiting for our share of soft penalties then, I’m sure Lacazette is also.


Suggestion by a lot of people on Twitter that Firmino used a racial slur against Holgate. It does look like Holgate said to the referee, “did you hear what he fucking called me?” :grimacing:

Knew van Dijk would have scored on his debut. 2-1.

Messi Lingard at it again. This is his best goal yet :ok_hand:

Drug test for Lingard. Thanks.

Dutch cunt

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