FA Cup 2017/18


This Lingaard goal rush is seriously pissing me off, the bloke isn’t even that good. Btw spastic keeping by Pickford allowing that VVD goal.


This banner at Anfield :speak_no_evil:


Predictable that Liverpool and United would have gone through. Everton always lose against them.


Van Dijk!! Baller of a defender. Gonna be great at Liverpool.


I feel like it might be telling that Van dijks first meaningful contribution in a Liverpool shirt is to score a winning goal. You know, rather than something defensive.


Both Mahrez and Vardy are out.

What a risk for Dragovic! He really put Jakupovic in a difficult situation.
I do love the F.A. Cup! The smallest pitches are awesome :slight_smile:
Fleetwood playing well. They have had some dangerous situations where they could have scored.
0-0 at HT. Fleetwood have been good.
Sunderland’s misery continue, as they 2-0 down at HT against Middlesbrough.


What a chance for Slimani! He was clear on goal.
Not much has happened in the second half. Fleetwood with some corners and nothing more.
Fleetwood hit post!
0-0 FT. Replay for Leicester!
Middlesbrough are through, instead.


I love the 3rd Round. Live coverage on BBC, low winter sun glistening over a small town stadium with a crappy pitch, watching a Premier League side humbled by the conditions and opposition. Has such a grass roots feeling about it.


Bournemouth down, while WBA are up. City with a strong team today.
Villa, Barnsley and Preston up as well.
Dangerous free kick for City just outside the box. It smashes against the wall.
Rochdale up against Doncaster.
GET IN BURNLEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! YES! 2-0 WBA, 1-0 Coventry against Stoke and Sheffield United are leading against Ipswich as well.

1-0 Burnley


2-0 Wigan, 1-0 Newcastle and 1-0 Southampton against Fulham.



Millwall equalize against Barnsley.
Watford up against Bristol City, while Newcastle make it 2-0.
Newcastle kill the game off and Preston are on their way to go through. 2-0 against Wycombe.
Burnley have 10 players in their box :smile:
Wycome pull one back just before the break.
Well-done Burnley! Keep it up in the second half.
Millwall up now.
3-1 Luton and Huddersfield take the lead against Bolton.
Quick 1-2 for Huddersfield. They extend their lead.
Fucking Stoke equalize against Coventry and Bournemouth pull one back against Wigan.
FFS! Very stupid from Burnley to concede a goal like this one.


Comeback is completed. 2-1 Aguero.


3-1 Millwall and Hull and MK Dons are up.
4-1 Millwall. Game over. Q.P.R. equalize.


Wow, that second Man City goal…


Birmingham up against Burton and 2-0 Huddersfield.
Brentford up. Bolton pull one back.
YES! Coventry up again!
Fuck me! Unreal goal from Sanè here. I meant, the move was outstanding. Notts County up.
2-0 Watford and 3-1 Preston.


Man City are just f*ing ruthless… Burnley lost attention for a split second and the game is over. So impressive. The game does highlight again why I think they WILL lose in the league. They have every incentive to prioritize everything BUT the league since that is done - if they want to maximize trophies, I think we will see more rotation in the league and an injury or two will eventually stretch them.


Beautiful! :cech:


Peterborough equalize against Villa. 4-1 Preston and 2-0 Yeovil.
4-1 Bernardo Silva. WTF was Pope doing here?


3-0 Watford and game over.
Peterborough lead now! 5-1 Preston.
Bournemouth equalize right at the end.


That is a lovely goal. I remember when that used to be us.


Peterborough, Birmingham, Hull, Huddersfield, Notts County, Coventry City, Rochdale, WBA, Southampton, Sheffield United, Manchester City, Millwall, Newcastle, MK Dons, Watford, Preston and Yeovil are through. Bournemouth, Cardiff, Sheffield Wednesday, Reading and Swansea go to the replay. Norwich-Chelsea now.


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Kenedy is a sneaky cunt. Should have been booked.
Not a great game atm.
David Luiz lol! Always a clown at the back.
The game is finally heating up.
Chelsea are nothing without Hazard, absolutely nothing
William close. Good save.
Only William is trying something for Chelsea. Dangerous again.
FFS! Great chance for Norwich. Caballero completely missed the ball.
Morata on. C’mon! Miss some other sitters like you di against us :wenger:
Good try from David Luiz.
YES! Replay for Chelsea!


Coventry City knocking Stoke out is just absolute gold.