FA Cup 2017/18


What debate?


I’m not complaining. I actually find it funny. Man United fans are complaining and you have to say they have a right to.


That yellow line is not parallel with the goal box line. Neither picture shows it as such. My eye read slightly offside but whatever.


Fuck off cunts! Typical Mourinho: play crap, score 2 goals.


Why is the FA Cup draw tonight? BT mixing it up.




The draw for the quarter finals is tonight. It’s usually on a Monday.


I meant “WTF!?”. How can the draw be today?





It’s not that complicated, all they need is some balls and a pot.


2-0 FT for United. They are through.


I think VAR got it right, just. What made it controversial was the stupid lines that had been drawn on the overlay.

How does something that bad make it to the live broadcast.


The 4 big teams avoiding each other in the QFs. Boring. :roll_eyes:

League Cup > FA Cup


So it’s going to be like like season, 4 big sides in the SF, so sadly yeah we are just going to have to hope Manchester City win it.


Meh the QF draw only Leicester v Chelsea looks like it would be a entertaing game




Im not.


Realistically who would you prefer though ? United ? Chelsea ? Spurs ? the chances one of those 4 don’t win it are almost zero.


I actually think Leicester away will be a tough game for Chelsea. But if Leicester can’t get the win, i wouldn’t mind seeing Giroud win another trophy! As long as it’s not United or Spurs!


Nah fuck Chelsea absolute filth, though I’d prefer them to win it over United as I want to still hold the record for most FA cup wins.