Everton Vs Arsenal (PL)

Duncan Ferguson has Everton looking good.

We’re definitely losing again :joy:

I’m busy all day on Saturday for a Christmas day/night out kinda glad to be missing it tbh :joy:

  • Everton win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Oh god there’s more?

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Dreading this if it’s another nothing week appointment wise.

Yea. We’re screwed again.

Big Dunc gonna do us.

Christmas fixtures on Merseyside are the worst

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Think Everton will win this one 3-1, we’re just an absolute shambles :cry:.

Saturday lunchtime kickoff? :white_check_mark:
Away match? :white_check_mark:
Lively crowd? :white_check_mark:
Opposition likely to swarm us with a high intensity approach from minute 1? :white_check_mark:

Arsenal avoiding defeat? :x:


Can’t see anything other then a defeat for us. These players have downtools and some are already looking for a way out. Some are just not good enough. I don’t think we will get relegated but I think it be a lot closer then some on here will think.

Doesn’t matter who we play at the back we’re fucked lol. We just have to hope Everton aren’t up for it.

I think Everton win this 3-0.

Pretty much reached a state of full blown apathy, couldn’t give a shit about this match tbh.

Only thing that’ll change that is making a full time managerial appointment, until we do it feels like there’s no point investing any energy into this club.


I’m at the point and have been for a while that watching us feels like more of a chore than a hobby. But my attitude is if you can’t put up with the terrible times don’t bother coming back to join in the good ones. I pray the good times come back to this club one day.

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Ancelotti masterclass incoming

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Yeah, and having to wake up or stay up to watch these cunts constantly fuck around and play like low-level pros doesn’t make it easier.

Somehow I always wake up even without a fucking alarm. Right before our games usually start. Its shit because we are shit but hopefully one day soon I’ll get to see us win another PL.


Both teams will have new managers for the game it seems.

Double new manager bounce. The world will implode


If it were possible for Arsenal to match the speed and determination of Everton we would all feel a lot better win or lose. The point is we don’t show any determination not to lose and that’s serious.

For everything else, there’s Barclaycard?

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0-3 . Arteta with a brace and Saka to seal the deal.

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Arteta to con call the dressing room and Any Given Sunday these losers. 6-0 Arsenal.


“Have I just shit the bed? No, but Arsenal are about to”