Everton v Arsenal (PL)


AOL starts together!


It has probably come too late but lets see how they get on.




That’s our strongest line up.
If we score early we could win by a few, if we don’t it’s going to be very tight.
Both teams need a win but Everton lack pace and are out of form and they are under a lot more pressure than us.
If we show some of that mental strength Wenger brags about, but rarely see, we can win this.
I’m sticking with 0-1 to us or a 1-1 draw.


No better time to play Everton at Goodison but would be typical for us to lose and provide them with a springboard to turn their season around.

Koeman has a very good record against us doesn’t he?


Yes, the Dutch cunt


We’ve only beat him once in the league I think. December 2014 at the Emirates. Alexis last minute winner



This is an ideal opportunity to record a resounding win. No Bolasie, Barkley and Lennon either, so less pace to cause us inevitable problems.

That fuck Barkley always seems to play well against us, as does Mirallas that shrew/squirrel looking cunt.


Fucking dutch! :xhaka:


Whoa don’t take it too far Luca


Aaand we’re live. Join us.





Everton are pure shit, but we played really well, especially upfront. AOL is just fantastic together.


I enjoyed an Arsenal game. :eyes:


AOL :henry2:


Should of been out of sight at half time, but fuck it I’ll take it!!! Love a game like this.

Also… JACK IS BACK :smiley:


Pretty terrible match tbh


5-2 is my favourite scoreline so I didn’t mind the stupid second goal we conceded.


We won an away game!!

Played well and Özil Alexis and Lacazette all scored :heart:

Best game of the season from us