Everton v Arsenal (PL)





That’s a kick in the cojones for Deeney


Means nothing, Everton are dog shite. We could play Bristol Rovers next week and still be likely for a loss.


Jesus Everton are outreagously bad, I don’t understand how you can spend the amount on players they did and be that poor :rofl:


Don’t look a gift Everton in the mouth.



just to think that the goalkeeper for Everton literally done the most in that game he touched the ball more than any of their outfield player that is more shocking than some of the shit we have had to deal with. This has been the first game in ages that i enjoyed watching and the first time in a long time that we have gone on a destroy mission…most times we do just enough.


Can’t wait for Deeney to come to the Emirates. Even if he’s on the bench, he’ll soon lpearn that he can’t chat smack about an entire club






Lots of positives. Easily the most entertaining Arsenal game of the season. Ozil, Sanchez, Laca buzzing… Ramsey combining well but still headless at times… Some of Ozil’s one touch play was brilliant. Xhaka played better but still got caught (maybe a foul) and cost us. Cech playing around too much back there and some of passes back to him were hospital balls - need to cut that out.

Overall really good. Could have been more if Belllerin could look up before crossing and we were more clinical.

Everton are TERRIBLE right now. Even when we were down, we were far better team and I just felt we would turn them over. It was just a matter of time. Monreal’s goal was huge.

Biggest thing for me though (and again, MAJOR caveat that Everton were HORRIBLE) was that we actually played for the most part like we NEED to play against teams that press aggressively (Everton did for the first 30+ minutes and then fell apart)… FASTER identification of options, FASTER and more direct passing and movement, and lighting countering, punishing… Ozil, Laca, Sanchez, Ramsey were destroying them with the quicker passing from defense and Xhaka. Xhaka did better in that regard but still has it in him to lose possession stupidly or be inaccurate even while not under pressure.

Oh and last thought… (in my very best Christopher Walken voice): “I have a fever… and the only cure… is more JACK WILSHERE”




Great performance, especially coming from a goal down.

That was probably the best starting team we can put out, and it’s no coincidence that we played the way we did because of it.


We should play all of our good players as much as possible me thinks.


Yeah AOL was a hit. Who’d have thought that having our best attacking players on the pitch together would result in goals?! Baffling.

The only annoying thing is that Rooney scored against us again. The net is like a magnet when he plays against us. I can just envision is now: “The year is 2037, Kai Rooney squares it for his dad, who scores against Arsenal for the 154th time.”



Ramsey - 7
Sanchez -7
Lacazette - 4
Xhaka - 4
Bellerin - 3
Kola - 3
Ozil - 1
Monreal - 1

Shots on target

Ramsey - 5
Sanchez - 3
Lacazette - 2
Xhaka - 1
Bellerin - 1
Ozil - 1
Monreal - 1


meh, It was more of A and O that really ran the attacking show


Thought we were excellent yesterday

Yes Everton were poor but i honestly think we would of beaten most teams playing like that yesterday. I just wish we could put that sort of performance in every week!

I’ve not read above but id assume Xhaka will be getting some stick for the first goal. I’d put more of the blame on Per for giving him the ball in such a ridiculous position

Was great seeing Laca, Ozil and Sanchez start a game together at last and even better seeing Ozil turn up

Could of had about 10 yesterday quite easily but 5 will do. Just a shame we didnt keep a clean sheet


Chants of ‘Your getting sacked in the morning’ seemed to have come true !!