Everton v Arsenal (PL)


Oh come on, he’s not that bad :speak_no_evil:


Really weird to think he’s been linked to both jobs. He was heavily linked to Barça when it was confirmed that Enrique was leaving :laughing:


Fuck me, what a dreadful season. I have no idea how this one will turn out. Both teams are pitiful. But we seem to enjoy falling on our faces against opponents we should squash.




I’m not sure about that, it seems Everton have a director of football (ex Leicester guy) but are not completely committed to that strategy from what I’ve read, Koeman is still very much involved in the process.

I feel like if you’re going the DOF route, you’ve got to go all in. That’s been the issue with a few of the English clubs that have failed with this strategy.


So we are gonna win.


Be ironic after the problems he has given us in the past, to win this and he gets fired. Hes lost his team and their not much of one anyway.
Not sure if Williams plays but him and this pedestrian defence are there for the taking. Im going 4 1 to us.


I think Troy Deeney has won this for us.

Bouncing back, point to prove and all that.

Everton appear to have nothing.


Was he? Completely missed that then. Never got the feeling he was a serious option for Barcelona (or Arsenal) and that is was paper talk.


C’mon Arsenal! Don’t let us down!


I think we’ll be lucky to get a draw


Ashley Williams will be throwing around all of his 17stone in weight against poor Lacazette.



Ah come on. The power of positive thinking, people.

We’re going to win 3-2. The winning goal being an Ashley Williams OG in the 96th minute of a game that was only supposed to have 5 added minutes :sunglasses:


A draw I think


Time for Arsenal to save Koemans career


I doubt their players give a shit about Koeman anymore to play for him, we’ve got this, 3-0


Oh no! Your predictions strike again :xhaka:


If you’re an Everton player today and you know Koeman is a game away from getting sacked I doubt they’ll show any sweat, and they have the slowest team in the league, this should be straight forward





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