Everton Soares

So this bloke had a very good Copa America also winning the golden boot. Looks like a recommendation made by Edu if there is any truth to it.

Some sources claiming we’ve made a “very good offer”. Seems like better value than Zaha if the reported fee of c. £36m is true.

Thoughts on this guy instead of Zaha, Fraser etc?


Journalists will be begging for him to score against Everton or have a man of the match performance. The headlines write themselves.


Always have to be concerned if he can make the transition from Brazil but it would make more sense than Zaha.
Cheaper and think if it didnt workout you would get more of your money back on a transfer.


Yeah I think even if Everton doesn’t necessarily thrive here in England he won’t actually lose much value. He’s the kind of player who’ll always have a market and Brazilians have history with heading over to Eastern Europe / China at young ages anyway so getting shot of him to one of those teams shouldn’t be too challenging.

I’d love this transfer though.


Everton 2 Everton 0 :giroud2:


Yeah, seems like a player much more suitable for us considering the whole context… Zaha I think is a player to finish the team with, considering his age… although I’m still not sure about his quality.
If this guy is any quality he should imediately make us better no matter how young/inexperienced he is considering our attack desperately lacks a player of that type since we lost the latin dog lover.
Btw judging by the clips his playing/dribbling style seems very similar to zaha.

A bit hesitant to basically buy a player of the back of an international tourney.

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I don’t think we’re solely interested because of his copa performance. He was already an interesting player before the tournament, he just confirmed his talent there.

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His name has been around for a couple of seasons now but it’s only really since about 2017/18 that he’s kicked on. He’s 23, a full international and has a pretty high ceiling.

I’d take him at the price quoted given he essentially offers a similar kind of directness to Zaha anyway.


Absolutely. His name has definitely been around for a couple seasons now it’s just that the tournament provided potential suitors with evidence of his ability to perform at a major international tournament.

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We need to to tap in to cheaper markets, as we are now with the lack of CL and finishing low in the league, we absolutely need to look elsewhere and try emerging talent. Then flog them for high prices :rofl:

Brazilians making the transition has a pretty high bust factor but we simply need to sign a wide player in that mould, signing Zaha is dead in the water and has been from the get go.

He’s an interesting player with potential upside and if he can make the transition could be a high quality addition to our non existent depth in the wide areas.

Wouldn’t be mad at us rolling the dice on him.


Love this guy.

He’s a mix between that right back Cedric from Southampton and Liverpool-based football club Everton FC.


Everton Soares sounds like a skin condition you might get if you sleep rough outside Goodison Park.


Wonder if we should go for David Neres instead

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This reminds me of the Bernard rumour from a few years ago. Random sources in Brazil going mad about offers, medicals, flights to London and it was all bullshit.

I only thought it had a bit more credibility because of the Edu factor. Ornstein probably won’t even comment on it because it’s not even a rumour worth quashing :arteta:

Dont kill my last hope of football joy mate.

From my 2-3 minute YouTube viewing…looks like an off-brand Alexis Sanchez, plays like an off-brand Alexis Sanchez.

A little bit lightweight. For £30m+ I expect a sure thing but this would feel like an almighty dice role. If Edu thinks he’s good enough, then I’m willing to trust his knowledge and judgement above mine.

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Everton fudges the Toffees


One of the reasons I favour Zaha above all the winger options is because he brings a level a physicality in the final third whilst being an agile dribbler.

He’s got a nasty streak/edge to his personality too which we need here.