Everton - Arsenal (PL) 0-1


Anyone else impressed by Jarrad Braithwaite’s performance?

Not particularly

There wasn’t one Everton player from that game I came away thinking they impressed me.

Thought Mykolenko did okay vs Saka, but other than that it was all bad.

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Saka skinned him a number of times, all he can do is foul Saka every time we face them. And he gets away without a booking every game.

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Who? Where does he play?

Won’t be long before he gets picked up by a team higher up the table.

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The 21-year-old center back playing alongside Tarkowski. He looked very composed to me.

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I explained this somewhere up there but can’t find it.

otherwise: you put a guy 20y offside and defend. you win the ball back. you try to hit so that it graces an opposing player but reaches your striker who wouldn’t then be off-side, and now you’ve got a free goal more or less.

with this rule however you need to add the part where this is not a deliberate touch. this to distinguish it from a situation where the opposing player just has the ball under control but fucks up a pass and somehow it ends up at your striker’s feet which would just be a blunder.

now if you say well he tried to block the pass then you put footballers in an impossible situation where it’s the exact same situation as my first example and players won’t dare to try and stop the ball because if they try but it touches them you get a free goal which can’t be the rule either. A player needs to be allowed to try and get the ball even if you have a guy hoovering 20y up front without fear of it gracing them and that leading to the first scenario.

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