Evan Ferguson


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A ridiculous talent. He’ll be at the top of the game in a couple of years at most.

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I still can’t believe he’s so young. It’s a proper joke.

Special special kid.

Just like we had Saka

This guy is going to cost north of £150m to sway him away from Brighton.

Did he come up through their academy, or did they buy him for peanuts from some backwater league?

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There hasn’t been a good/great Irish player in a long arse time hasn’t there? Would be cool if he becomes elite.

Robbie Keane the last? Although he would fall into the good and not great category. Weird how some lower rep nations will once in a while get an absolute superstar, Gareth bale with Wales for instance, way above their usual standard. Let’s see if Ferg turns out like that for Ireland.

Especially if he decides to explore that eligibility for England he has :henry2:



Had not realised his mum is English! Wow! It could actually happen!

He’s already played competitive games for Ireland.

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Indeed, he’s only played 3 senior games for Ireland and you can still switch at that point.

He did pretty definitively say he wouldn’t do it. Something about not being allowed home if he did :joy:

Still, waste of an international career! Bit like Haaland and Odegaard for Norway (though neither had a choice as far as I know). England should have worked harder on him.

Tell me you don’t follow international football without telling me you don’t follow international football

Wasn’t Haaland born/grew up in Leeds?

Apparently so. Didn’t know that. Also a massive waste then.

I get why you think that but it’s not going to be how these guys see it. Ferguson has never even seen his country qualify for a World Cup and in a couple of years time will have an opportunity to lead the line and try and drag us there.

That’s just gonna mean a million times more than going to going to the 2026 world cup as first back up to 33 year old Harry Kane.

Also they probably want to be able to get to sleep at night.


Very tinpot but qualifying for the biggest tournament in football is a massive achievement.

For the big countries they only care about winning it and take qualification as the norm.

Not like England are going to win fuck all anyway

Yeah I don’t doubt that there’s success to be had from a personal and team standpoint for him with Ireland. It’s just a bit of a shame that some players of the highest calibre don’t get the stage they really should be on internationally.