EURO 2024

Any OA’ers heading out there to watch?

Tried to get tickets, but way too expensive.

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Same. Opted for the Olympics instead.

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@Starboy? You love a European tour :beers:

Thursday at 5 is an absolute bin of a kickoff time

Tried to get the mrs to get me tickets (she’s German) but let me down. Keeping an eye out for tickets as I’m in Cologne from 1st July.

Going to Malaga with the lads for the semi’s and final instead.


No game featuring England will be played at 2pm. That’s a win in my eyes

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What are dudes like Clauss, Kante(hasn’t been called up in two years) and Kolo Muani doing in there?

Players like Olise and Gusto omitted. Very weird.

Germany isn’t that good either.
How can they omit Hummels and Brandt?
How the fuck?
In what case the team will need Muller on the field and why the fuck they need 4 keepers??
Robin Koch?
BVB got into CL final and none of their players got selected (Oh, I missed Schlotterbeck)?
Huge crime.

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Robin Koch? :rofl:

Isn’t that the bum from Leeds?

Edit: Hang on, no Brandt either? Wtf?

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more like the one who made this selection is a bum.

already has a 36 years old Kroos and then we add a 42-year old Muller… fuck.

Yes, no Brandt, no Hummels, no Reus, no Sule.

Not going to pretend like I watched these guys but no Hummels seems crazy.

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No Brandt is shocking to be honest… Muller has had his time. Not a starter anymore and the international team should be all starters .
Kroos, like Modric I can understand. Still performs at a very high level and has a ton of experience which a midfield needs at this level.
They’ll need to outscore their opponents

This squad is just bullshit.

If you take Kroos, then why you take Muller but not Hummels?

Why the fuck we need four keepers?
Neuer has already long past his prime. His CL form and league form should NOT warrant him a spot on the NT. Having him on the team is just bullshit.
Baumann and Nubel are not ready to step up, so you need to give all the trust and time on Ter Stegen.
Neuer is the past, Ter Stegen is present, and Nubel is future.
If you take Neuer as “backup”, then no need for Baumann.

In recent history of international football tournament, which team had three keepers injured and need the 4th?

If they play 3 forwards, most likely it will be Musiala-Kai-Wirtz as the front three.
Anything happen to Wirtz, and we don’t have a CAM.
Brandt is the perfect backup to be CAM or even wing.
Then, Nagelsmann picked Muller, a past tense.
His last goal/assist for Germany/Bayern was like, how long ago? Or when was the last time he actually have a good game for the NT?

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Kroos is still unreal no question about taking him but agree on the other points, weird.

Maybe its the title run sapping all my attention but it really doesn’t feel like there’s a tournament a few weeks away. Seems to be zero level of build up to it.


I feel that’s usually the case with the Euros?

It isn’t like the World Cup which has anticipation from around the globe, with every artist trying to release a song hoping it catches on with the tournament. :rofl:

Even when the season ends it won’t really register. I think with the Euros it takes for the tournament to start to really get going.
And then even less, the Copa America that now coincides with it gets significantly less attention, some people forget it’s even on until the semis or the final.

Copa is a rubbish tournament. Qualify by geography and then they invite teams in like it’s the Emirates cup. I’m sure some nice games happen but big meh.

I definitely feel like there was more build up last time but maybe that was post lockdown related too.

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Maybe, that coincided with crowds properly coming back right?
I remember towards the end of that season they started letting people back in.