EURO 2024

Norway in pot 3 will be an absolute bastard for someone lol.

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England, Wales and Scotland in the same pot :face_vomiting:

Ah that Nations League relegation did mean something after all. Apparently England would have been in pot 1 if we hadnโ€™t finished bottom of the group.

Theyโ€™re not good. Haaland and ร˜degaard makes them look like they are but the rest is a joke.

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Them two is a pretty formidable attack tho tbf

Theyโ€™re the new Bale, Ramsey, Joe Allen :fire:

It wasnโ€™t that formidable against Slovenia the other day.

There is only so much a world class player can do on his own.


And against Serbia, Norway, were even worse,Haaland was completely stoped, but we are far better than Slovenia. After some years I think that we (Serbia) finaly have a good team.

Ah yes, I didnโ€™t catch any of that game. Decent front 2 you have there with Mitrovic and Vlahovic.

Yeah, and Tadiฤ‡ and SMS are also good in midfield. Defense is a worry I hope Piksi will find the right back 3.

We got Spain love it :joy:

England got Italy

France got the Netherlands

Wales got Croatia

Netherlands, France and Ireland :santi:

Least Iโ€™ll get to see Haaland live :joy:

Fingers crossed for a France World Cup implosion and them carrying that bitterness into the qualifying campaign