Erling Haaland 🤖

60 goals in 39 games. Haaland? Not even close. I’m talking about Dixie Dean of Everton only 95 years ago.

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Haaland is a goal machine there’s no doubt about it, but he doesn’t hold a candle on the king.

Henry was a class dribbler, incredibly skillful player. Has Haaland even scored a free kick yet?

Henry in this City team would score 40 goals a season too imo.

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Henry could grab the game by the scruff of the neck, if we were losing he can come back, collect the ball, drive forward, take players on, and then finish or set someone up.
He was complete

Haaland is an absolute devil in front of goal but couldnt do what Henry did, no one can.



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Pointless comparing Haaland and Henry imo, different players and different eras.

For the sake of it for me, Henry more strings to his bow snd Haaland is the better goal scorer.


I like the way you said it was pointless and then did it anyway :grin:

I tend to agree with the assessment though :slight_smile:


Not sure why you think different eras counts. You still have to stick the ball in the back of the net. And in whatever era you still play against players of your own general calibre.

While Twitter and sports media is rife with excessive levels of stats, OA is the extreme opposite where any stats other than goals and points are open for ridicule.

Yeh nah it’s just a stupid ass broad description that by definition doesn’t mean goals or assists.

An involvement can be a pre assist, a turn over, an interception, a fucking throw in as Strolls succinctly mentioned.

It’s bad terminology just say G/A lols you nerdball fucks.


“Nerdball fucks”. I like that.

Goal involvement / goal contribution should just mean G/A though.

If anyone starts trying to tell me Ramsdale has 174 goal involvements because ‘his goal kicks often start the attack before the attack which then scored a goal from a throw in’ then I’d say they’re the problem not the term.

You’d have to start crediting the crowd if they happen to chant within the 5 mins before a goal.


Can’t believe I’m saying this but starting to like Haaland. Seems a fully-focused professional and has nowhere the ego that somebody of his ability should.


Hasn’t scored in the last two games. He’s finished!


Haaland’s season highlights

Plowing through the Premier League. Will probably beat all the records set by Ronaldo.

It would be great to see the headlines:
Kane Breaks Shearers Record With Penalty Kick In His Last PL Game.

Then in the following Season:
Haaland Overtakes Kane To Become The PL Top Goal Scorer.

If he wants to be world class and be right up there with the greatest strikers he’ll need to score 23 goals a season for the next twenty years to eclipse the greatest striker and that striker is Jimmy Greaves.
That’s some scoring record to beat .

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He won’t be as good as Greavsie, Ash

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Never fella .
If you can listen to his interview on talkSPORT.
What a man

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His words
“ if I had missed the ones I’d scored and scored the ones I missed , I would have broken some records “ you could hear the genius of the man in his voice when he said that.

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