Erling Haaland 🤖

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How many prem goals will he score this season?

btw only vote once please :slight_smile: I allowed 2 votes by accident

I’m gonna say 43

Going for over 40 their plenty shit defences to exploit only injury will stop him not hitting 40 goals this season.

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Before the season started I said he could break the PL scoring record because he’s the best striker, playing for the best attacking team, with the best manager in front of players like KDB, Bernardo, Foden, Grealish, Rodri, etc, but I didn’t expect three hat-tricks in his first nine games.

Haaland is a goal scoring machine.


If Haaland slows down to around a goal every 0.7 games and let’s say he misses about 5 matches, he’s going to hit 32 goals this season. That I think is the bare minimum.

If he maintains a goal a game and misses about 5 matches, he’ll get to 39. It doesn’t seem feasible for a player to maintain that kind of scoring run, but there’s something robotic and inevitable about him. He’ll definitely end up with more goals than games played which I believe has never been done in the PL.

Everybody is going mad about that KDB assist for his 2nd goal, but Haaland’s alien-like speed and massive leg reach made that goal a possibility. Literally nobody else in the world could have got a foot on that ball. It means City players can pass into areas that only Haaland is going to reach. You literally cannot defend him.


Agreed, I think anyone saying 30 or less has to be assuming a lot of injuries and rotation.

I went for the 31-35 bracket on the basis of him likely playing every semi-difficult cup/CL game.

Also, estimating him missing at least a few games through injury is a reasonable assumption for any player

Before this season Salah was getting a goal or assist in almost every game but wasn’t the target man.
So with a steady supply of goal opportunities from KDB, Bernardo, Foden, Grealish, etc, it means that as the main striker and best goal scorer in Europe, Haaland could get forty goals or more.

This is his first season in the PL and he’s still very young so when he’s adjusted to the way Man City play, he could be even better. :grinning:

He’ll hit a dry patch and miss a few games. Still giving him 35


it reminds me of when Brock Lesnar started out in the WWE just destroying everyone


Haaland currently on 14 goals in 8 matches. KDB currently on 8 assists in 7 matches. Both long standing records will fall this season…injury permitting

The last Haaland based poll done 1 month ago

Wouldn’t mind this becoming the Erling Haaland thread tbh

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Good shout we’ll be talking about freak boy regularly enough


would anyone be able to edit my poll so it shows who voted for what? I’m not sure how to

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He is almost halfway that goal tally with 8 games in :joy:

It’s a good job he doesn’t play for spurs, Man U or Chelsea.

I don’t think he would be hitting the same numbers with those teams.

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That’s true, although he might with us. :grinning:


Links to Real have started already lol