Erling Haaland 🤖

Leipzig are better than Sporting Lisbon tbh

They didn’t. :grinning:

The operation to bring him to City will cost them more than double that. Would probably be closer to 200m if you take into account various commissions paid to the late Raiola, Erling’s father and perhaps any signing fees Erling got himself.

City had to accept inserting a release clause(around £150m), similar to Dortmund, which pretty much hands Haaland a lot of control over his future.

The findings of City’s financial dealings will be the down fall .
I’ve seen a better striker than him .
Way better

Can someone please tell me the last time someone reached 50 goals in all competitions whilst playing in the Premier League ?

With 3 competitions left and only 8 goals required the big Norwegian is doing this.

Can’t remember it ever happening, Salah got 44.

Steven Smellcooker reached 54 goals in all comps back in 1899. Haalands season really isnt that impressive tbh.

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Yeah but back then they still used a boiled whole chicken as the ball, no one in the ball era has been able to do what Haaland is doing


Thought Smellcooker was a fantastic footchickener TBH.

For all the goals that Haaland has scored, Man City only have 1 more PL goal than we do :woman_shrugging:


Now that’s the kind of stat I love to hear.

Mbappe clearly the better player, Haaland is just a poaching fraud that only works if the team is completely set up to put everything through him.

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One man team cunts.


Almost half a billion spent in that defence and only 1 goal less conceded.

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