Emmanuel Eboue

His breakout season was pretty good but it was in downhill from that point on…


He had his moments but all in all for what we paid for him you can’t fault him really.

That whole thing with him when Ivory Coast played South Korea I think it was and he was nodding at the opposition coach nodding talking to a Korean player :joy::joy:

Quite the character and an all time low from sections of our support when he left the pitch in tears.


How’s he doing recently?

Wasn’t there some news that he tested positive for HIV and was living homeless in London or something nuts like that?

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Last I read he was completely and utterly bankrupt, without a pot to piss in.
Seems his ex wife was awarded all his assets during the divorce and he has serious mental health issues that brought him to the brink of suicide.

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Just read about it. Fucking tragic.

It’s really sad.

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I think the club should do more to help the likes of him and Kenny Samson

I remember him and Diaby combining for a pretty slick goal up at villa park. At a time when Villa were pretty strong under MON if I’m remembering correctly :grin:

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Was that the one that finished 2-2 with the West Midlands bastards scoring a last min equaliser?

I was at that game :pensive:

He’s an idiot anyway. He left his partner and ended up marrying some European woman who took everything he had.

He remarried last I heard to some woman from back home in Ivory Coast. If I remember correctly it was the woman he left behind when he started his career in Europe.

That’s the problem with men when they get money they forget their values and end up chasing the lifestyle women.


Might have been. Although think we also got a win there during that 2-3 year period of villa challenging for top four, so could equally be that game :grin:

I think in 07/08 we won there 1-3. We went 0-3 up in the first half with some of the best football I’ve ever seen under Wenger.

@Aussiegooner may know more

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As was I. And I lived in Birmingham at the time. Absolute sickener.

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From what I recall about that game, mate, weren’t we lucky to be 0-2 ahead? They were all over us!

It was around this time of year, wasn’t it?

I remember a Villa fan spitting in my direction after the game. Vile bastard.

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Yes that game was December 2008 just after Christmas 0-2 to 2-2, the season villa blew a gap and we ended up finishing top 4.

07-08 we won 1-2 at Villa park was part of the start of the season that saw us go 11-3-0 before losing at the Riverside against the smoggies.

The 0-3 first half I think you’re thinking of was more around 2005 in February @DavidHillier

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I was at this one as well. It was the weekend after the 2-4 home defeat to the Wanky Mancys.

That Ashley Cole goal. Bergkamp’s pass. The finish. A thing of beauty :heart_eyes:

#Djemba Djemba! What a wanker! What a wanker!# (sounds better than Halleluljah)

I always thought the 07/08 one was 1-3 as well after a blinding first half. My mistake

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Pretty sure the 07-08 we went behind and then Flamini and Adebayor got goals.

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You know what’s really depressing- this wonderful undefeated record we boast at Villa Park and we give it away so feebly last season.

ManUre have beaten us more often at Villa Park in the last 21 years than Villa have.

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Yeah I think before last season the only other loss I remember at Villa was in my first full season as an arsenal fan I think we lost 3-2 in 98-99 at Villa Park ?

Yes, we were 0-2 ahead at half time. One of Bergkamp’s goals in that was incredible (it was the second goal)

Julian f’ckin Joachim and Dion Dublin :roll_eyes:

We were nowhere near the top of the league in autumn 1998. I’m pretty certain that lull (combined with Wimbledon handballing it into the net to win 1-0 at Selhurst Park) contributed to us losing the league by a point.